I finally finished the animal hats for this Christmas. Some of them were pretty tricky, but they came together in the end.

A fish hat for Natalie:

I couldn't decide on what kind of mouth to give the fish - the round one (top) looks most fish-like to me, but also a bit grumpy (or shocked?). I decided to go with a more baby-friendly smile.

A bear for Brent - look familiar? I hope he enjoys wearing it as much as I do. I get so many compliments on the street when I wear mine. :)

A pink piggie for Claire:

I love the curly tail.

And the grand finale, a blue and black tiger for Nile:

I have two more hats to post after Christmas!

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Squib-stitcher said...

LOVE the pig! Where did you get your pattern? I want to make one!