my husband, the gangster

Jared asked me to make him a plain black hat because it is getting quite cold here and he needed something to keep his wee ears warm. I tried to get a good photo of him wearing it, but all I got were outrageous facial expressions.

I showed him this picture and said this is what I planned to post, hoping he would want to retake it. He said, "Awesome. I look like a gangster."

A gangster? Really?

I love you, Jared.


Anonymous said...

What you need to do is whack Jared about the head and shoulders and make him pose for a decent picture.
We love him too.
Thayne and Verlene

Regina said...

Hi there, I just recently found your blog and LOVE it. You are truly talented. I am somewhat new to crocheting and am trying to do a hat for my husband similar to the one pictured here (easy enough right?) I was wondering if you have any sizing suggestions. I am not following a pattern so I don't know when to stop the increases. Any suggestions?
Thanks a ton.
Awesome work! Love the sock doggie too

Jill said...

Hi Regina -

Thanks so much! This hat is very basic and I usually don't follow a pattern. Is the hat you are making a suprise? I kept having my husband try it on as I crocheted to find a good fit. If you do want it to be a suprise, you can always try it on yourself, and use your best judgement. OR, if he has another hat that fits well, you can size it against that. I realize I am probably not being a huge help here, but the beauty of a crocheted hat is it will stretch! I'm sure it will turn out beautifully. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Jill, thanks for taking the time to answer. No, it isn't a surprise but I don't know how to measure off his head. I have twice and once the hat was too small and the other time too large. How should the disc fit compared to his head before I stop decreasing?
Also, on your sock doggie, is that entirely sock/glove or is some of it crocheted? Super cute by the way.
Thanks again for your time. Your crafts are awesome. My children would like to be your adopted nieces/nephews since it seems you send them a lot of your work :)
Thanks again,