Happy Birthday Joshua!

My nephew, Joshua, turned 4 today. I sent him a box of "J" cookies to honor the day, frosted with my new handy dandy decorating kit. If you live in New York City and love to bake, run, not walk to NY Cake and & Baking Distributer.

I love you, Josh!


your momma said...

Cookies look great! Joshua had to be thrilled! How long did it take to decorate??? If they taste as good as they look, you have a winner!

JMG said...

They were actually pretty easy. I iced them while watching Lost (what a great combo).

They were good practice for my onesie cookies ... to be posted at a later date. I know you can hardly stand the anticipation.

Kathy said...

Wow I am super impressed and feeling sorry for myself:( My son turns 4 this week. He has aunts. they wont acknowledge his special day. never have.

I *think* of things liek this but never carry them out in time. you really do rock!