Serious Scissors

Today was one of those awesome days because I got a package from JoAnn, my best crafty friend. She sent me a bunch of the usual stuff - plenty of new yarn (in nice neutral baby colors for those friends who like a surprise like, will it be a boy or a girl? Yellow or green it is.) I also received a fresh stock of batting for more burp cloths, but maybe I'll get adventurous and try a blanket.

But best of all, I got these bad boys:

Fiskars heavy-duty, spring action, comfortable softgrip scissors. Now, before you can say "You'll [poke] your eye out, kid!" don't worry ... they have a safety switch too! They are cutting machines. The little ones are made specifically for snipping material for creating frayed edges. The long ones are for your run of the mill heavy-duty cutting needs. I think I've gone to heaven.

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