shower favors

Onsie cookies make a sweet little baby shower favor. I felt a little adventurous and switched up the designs this time.

About half were striped like before, because it looks so darn cute:

Others said "boy" or "baby"

But my very favorite just had a little heart in the corner - so simple and sweet:

I topped off the bags with curly ribbon and a cute little tag that I stamped and glued a mini diaper pin. I wrote the date of the shower on the back of the tag.

And that marks the end of my posts about last weekend's shower. It was a hit!

If you want to know how to see how to make these cookies step by step (and where to get the supplies) go to last month's post here.

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Young Wifey said...

These look great! I was going to do something similar for a baby shower I recently hosted, but ran out of time (and couldn't find the cookie cutter).