Homemade Paper Roses

I'm not making a tutorial for the paper roses because you can find a great one online at Martha Stewart. She even includes a video! I would highly recommend watching it once or twice before attempting this.

You will need very few supplies: coffee filters, sharp scissors, floral wire, floral tape, and watercolors (I used the super cheap $1.99 kind and they worked very well).

Here are some photos of the process - go to the tutorial for the step by step instructions, and if you get a chance, also check out www.mommymakesroses.com to see the original artist's work. Her roses are gorgeous!

This was a surprisingly easy project. It took me three tries to get it right, so I just have a few recommendations:

1. If possible, buy the flat coffee filters like the ones shown on Martha's video (not the kind that I had with the rippled edge). They will work the same in the end, but I ironed mine flat so they wouldn't be wrinkly

2. Be generous with the floral tape, and make sure on the first few layers that you tape down the floral wire at least an inch, and tightly. Otherwise, when you go to fan out the petals, all your layers will slide off the stem (attempt 1)

3. As you add each layer of petals, the tips should be slightly higher than the layer below. If you place them lower, the center of the rose will poke out high in the middle and it just doesn't look right (attempt 2)

4. I used tons of water with the paints to really dilute it. The rose is going to be totally soaked by the time you finish painting it. Use less water to color the tips for a stronger hue. It is okay that the petals stick together a bit - they'll come apart again when it dries.

I hope some of you try this out. I had a great time making them and will definitely make more. The most time-consuming part is just tracing and cutting out the petals. Building the rose is actually a pretty quick process.

Well, I'm off to get my wisdom teeth pulled. eek - I am so nervous.


Bryan & Mary Porter said...

Jill! You have to have your wisdom teeth pulled? That's no fun. I hope it goes well. I hope you can take a day off work or maybe two or three just to relax a bit. Thanks for great crafts. I will have to try the flowers sometime. They really are gorgeous.

Cassie Chappell said...

Hi Jill, I am amazed at your use of the roses. You are definitely extremely creative and a master crafter:) Maybe we can work together on some future projects!
Mommy Makes Roses

JMG said...

Wow, thanks Cassie, for looking at my blog! And thanks for showing us your rose-making method - it is genius.

April said...

I am in "awe" by all your projects, you are an all around amazing crafter!

These flowers are gorgeous! You have made me want to give it a try!!

Victoria said...
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Victoria said...
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Victoria said...

Hello Jill. I found your blog while googling for ideas for my diaper cake for a coming up baby shower. You are so talented! You inspired me to incorporate this flower idea for my cake and it came out great! The mom-to-be LOVED it and was very impressed :) I am definitely doing this again! Thanks for the tips on the flower..my first didn't come out perfect either, but I'm sure I'll get better at it! Thanks! :)

Here is what mine looked like>>

Kristin said...

The tutorial has been taken off of Martha Stewart's website. Also I could only find a pompom kit for the next post but no instructions on how to make them with out buying the kit.

PS. I love your blog.

mom2maddy2000 said...

I just found your blog and am very inspired by it. I wanted to add to your tips about the coffee filter roses that my mom and I learned along the way while making a few dozen for my sister's bridal shower...what worked quickest and easiest for us is to dip the roses into a bowl of diluted water colors and then hang them upside down to dry. As they dry, the color starts to pool at the tips making them darker. We also sometimes used a squirt bottle filled with diluted watercolors. This worked well too!

Thanks again for your wonderful blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Folks, I may be late in the game making these roses, but I just started and they're beautiful I love them!
I can't figure out what the best paper is for the leaves and the bottom of the rose, any suggestions?
Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you!