Quick Hostess Apron

After work tonight I had the opportunity to go to a sewing class and it was just delightful! All of the supplies were provided and we had a great teacher. The project of the evening was a hostess apron. It was a simple project that only took about an hour and a half and produces totally cute results. I think it would make a really cute Christmas gift paired with a cookbook or supplies.

Here is a group shot of the class:

Aren't we cute?

When I got home I had to model it again for Jared:

It was SO easy!


22 inches of fabric
2 yards of coordinating grosgrain ribbon
a 5x5 inch square of coordinating solid fabric for a pocket (optional)
a sewing machine, thread and scissors


1. Fold the bottom of the fabric ¾ in. and press. Repeat (to hide the raw edge of the fabric

2. Top-stitch the bottom hem

3. Repeat steps one and two for the side hems

4. Using a ruffle foot on your sewing machine, gather the top of the fabric (we had it on the 1-setting). Our teacher said you can also achieve the same effect by basting the top edge and pulling on the back thread to gather the fabric (I am going to have to try this out, since I don’t have a ruffle foot for my machine).

5. Find the center of your 2-yard length of grosgrain ribbon. Fold in half horizontally and press (about ten inches on either side of the center)

6. Pin the folded part of the ribbon to the gathered side of the fabric and topstitch across

7. Add a pocket, if desired

8. Enjoy your sassy new hostess apron

It was also a happy day because I came home to a new box of cookie cutters from Off the Beaten Path. I really love their cookie cutters - they are a real bargain and you can find every shape imaginable. I got a set of snowflake cutters, a gingerbread boy and girl, a winter hat and mitten, a Christmas tree, ornament, candy cane and a snowman. Whew - I can't wait to make some cute holiday sugar cookies!

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