hand dipped chocolate pretzels

I've been making stuff, I swear! I'm at least 10 projects behind on posting. I'll get to them very soon, hopefully - maybe I'll do a post per day until the end of the year?

Things have been BUSY around here. My sister, her husband and her two little boys came to the city for a visit and we had way too much fun. I'll let her do all the work and just point you to her blog to read all about it: http://melaniehenrich.blogspot.com/. You'll get tired just looking at all the photos. I miss them already! In other news, check out my other blog to read about Saturday's walking tour in Chinatown.

I'm going to jump out of chronological order and show you what I just made because it looks so Christmas-y. Tonight I dipped about a million chocolate pretzels. It was nuts. Pretzels everywhere. I started out just planning to make a few bags for people at work, but it was fun, so I of course got a little out of control. The good news is, I now have loads of last-minute Christmas gifts.

dark chocolate mint

chocolate with Andes mint chips

chocolate with sprinkles


(red) white chocolate with Andes peppermint chips

All bagged up, just waiting to be handed out!

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