polka dot elephant

It was another craftacular evening at my house tonight. The secret Christmas crafts are moving right along, I packaged up my ornaments for the ornament swap, and I made this little polka dot elephant. Cute, no?

yellow + polka dots = ultra cheery

I dug up the same pattern from the last time I made one of these guys.

Is it weird that I don't put eyes on my elephants? I like them better without.

It got bundled up with the shoes and some burp cloths for a former co-worker. I hope she likes it!

I packaged it up in some fun new wrapping paper. Again with the polka dots - my new craze.


stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! WHEN are you going to start an Etsy shop? I would totally buy that elephant for baby Hugh. Darling. And those shoes turned out so cute, too!! You rock.

Kyndra said...

You hope she likes it? Not only will she like it, she will LOVE it the best! How amazing to receive a gift like that.

tyrymom29 said...

Wow That is an AWSOME gift ....She is one lucky Girl !!!

The Vetters in Manhattan said...

Jill, You are sooo awesome! I love your site. It inspires me to be a little bit craftier than I am.

Erin said...

Wow, Jill you continue to impress me. I find I want to make everything you are doing and feeling slightly jealous at your skill and the time you somehow find! I wish I had someone to make this elephant for! Also, I am sad I can't see the pictures for all of your older posts! Not sure if it is my computer or what.

Alex & Jill said...

Do you sell the items shown anywhere? I'm interested in purchasing if available.

Jill Averitt

Perla is Pearl said...

Hi Jill!
I am AMAZED by the wonderful things you make!
If only I was more crafty.. lol
I was wondering if you have the pattern available for this elephant?
I would love to try my hand at it and there is a little girl who I know would love to have one of these. :)
Thank you for the wonderful site! :)

Jessica said...

I love the elephant...will you be posting a tutorial for it?

Lindsay said...

I love the elephant! I hope you don't mind I tried my hand at making my own pattern for one? I just had to make one for my new niece who's room is done in elephants! Hoping it turns out good!