'tis the season ... finally!!!

I had such a fun December 1st! I started the day right with a NY walking tour with Megan, where we headed down to the South Street Seaport. Then I headed to my friend BreAnna's for a Christmas craft super Saturday - so fun (and a separate post).

Then it was time for the afternoon I have been waiting for ... finally time to decorate for Christmas!!! For some reason, Jared was adamant about NO decorations until December 1st this year. I am more of a just-after-Thanksgiving kind of gal myself. But, I held out and now the apartment is bedecked for the holidays.

I covered my french doors with doily snowflakes. I have a hard time free-hand cutting pretty snowflakes (I always overdo it and they look terrible). This year, I had a pack of doilies on hand, so I turned them into snowflakes by cutting portions of the design out. They look so intricate and pretty, and were a real cinch to make.

In one entryway, I strung five large glittery snowflakes. I printed off a template from Martha Stewart, and traced and cut out the pattern onto a stiff piece of cardboard (an old gift box or cereal box works well). Paint with a thick layer of glue and sprinkle with glitter. They look lovely dangling overhead.

I refashioned this wreath using leftover gold ornaments. They came with a set of red ornaments that I bought last year, but I didn't want to use them on my silver and red tree. Since they were too pretty to leave in the box, I decided to depart from my silver theme a bit and make a gold wreath.

Here are my glittery trees that a posted about a few weeks ago. They finally made it off my craft cluttered dining table. I feel like this little centerpiece is lacking a bit, but can't think of what to add. Any ideas?

The homemade addition to my tree this year are these little glittery stars (can you tell I love the glitter? I went a little overboard. My apartment is covered floor to ceiling with glitter!). I bought 3-D cardboard stars at Lee's Art shop and glittered them.

And here is my tree! I love it - my living room looks so bright and cheery when it's all lit up. I found a new corner for it this year and am working on a bunny-barrier to go around the bottom - last year Buns kept chewing on the lights.

Happy Holidays!


Kyndra said...

Everything looks fantastic! I'm trying to think of what to do about the centerpiece. Hmmm...maybe put some angel's hair underneath so the trees look like they are in snow? You'll come up with something brilliant I am sure!

stephanie said...

Your tree looks so pretty! Where did you get the star for the top? I need to buy one this year. For the centerpiece ... I bought some of the round cardboard ornaments at Lee's that I thought I would glitter and place around the bottom of the trees, and I thought about maybe looping some ribbon in and around them, too. I still haven't glittered them, though ...

BreAnna said...

Yay, Jill!! You finally have your tree up! I would definatley say that wreath is a "winter" wreath, not a "christmas" wreath! I have been waiting to see your tree with all your glitter orniments on it, it looks devine!! I love your house, it is so festive and fun during any holiday but especially christmas!!

Jill said...

Thanks, guys! Kyndra - I was thinking angel's hair too ... I need to find some and try it out.

Steph - I bought the star at Lee's Art Shop last year (in the craft section). It was just a plain brown twig star, and I added the glitter. I'm obsessed with the glitter!

Mommy Files said...

I am a new subscriber to your blog and I cannot quit reading! WOW! You are very inspiring. I live in Sherman, Texas which is a LOOOONNNNGGGG shot from NY, NY! haha

I have a daughter who LOVES playing kitchen and your felt food will be great! I am going to try my hand at it, too!

I love the glitter trees you made. (The centerpiece ones). I would just add that glittery snow on the platter. They look AWESOME!

Thanks for the inspiring blog!


cassie said...

I think I would add some of that gorgeous german glitter at the base of the trees. Might be messy - but hey, I figure a gal like you can take it! ;)

Amy said...

What did you put in your cinnamon sachets? I have been looking online, but haven't found any instructions for cinnamon ones. Thanks!