burp cloth tutorial

I've had a few requests lately for my burp cloth pattern, so I decided to put together a little tutorial. These burp cloths are peanut-shaped to fit the contour of your shoulder and have a rag edge.

Materials needed (makes a set of 4 burp cloths):

1 total yard of 2 coordinating flannels (1/2 yard of each)
1/2 yard quilt batting (I prefer warm n' natural)
matching thread

 To print this template, right click on each image to save to your computer, and then print them as a full 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.  You'll need to print two copies of the end piece and one copy of the middle, cut them out, and tape them together to form a full-sized template.  It will look like this:

The assembled template should measure about 19 inches long and 9 inches wide (the burp cloths will shrink in the wash if you don't pre-wash your flannel, which I never do).  The trick to getting a correctly sized template seems to be to right click on the template image, and save it to your computer.  Then, open it up as an image file and print as a full page image. 

The diagram above is not to scale. The dotted lines represent top-stitching.

1. For each burp cloth, cut out 2 pieces of flannel to the above shape, and 1 piece of batting.

2. Layer the flannel (wrong sides together) with the batting in the middle, like a sandwich

3. Pin around the edges

4. Top stitch around the edge (see the dotted line on the diagram) using about a 1/2 inch seam.

5. Top stitch through the center of the burp cloth (to secure the batting). To ensure a straight line, I fold the burp cloth in half and pin along the fold. The pins act as a guide so you have a nice straight line through the middle.

6. Time to clip the edges - fold back the two layers of flannel so just the batting is exposed. Trim the batting close to the seam.

7. Snip the fabric about every 1/4 inch around the outer edge of the burp cloth. Be careful not to cut through your seam.

8. You are just about done - wash your burp cloths 2-3 times, or until the edges fray nicely, and dry.

I like to make large batches of these to have on hand for baby showers. A set of 4 burp cloths make a great gift.

I hope this tutorial is useful to you! Use the tutorial as much as you'd like, but please do not sell burp cloths made from this pattern. Thanks!


LeAnne said...

These look adorable! My friends and I are having a sewing night next week. I think I just found our project!

Thanks for sharing.

stephanie said...

You did such a great job of explaining how to make these. Thanks for sharing your tutorial! I absolutely LOVE the burp cloths you made for Hugh ... we use them every single day and they still look and feel like new.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing! One question - do you stitch through the center across the short way or the long way?

Jill said...

Stitch across center through the narrowest part of the burp cloth (the short way).

The dotted lines on the diagram represent top stitching.

Anonymous said...

Gotcha - thank you. I'm brand new to sewing (had my machine 2 days) so I missed that. Sorry! I have 3 baby showers coming up and can't wait to make these. Thanks again for sharing the how to...

Jill said...

congrats on the new machine! I started sewing on my first machine about this time last year, and these burp cloths were my very first project. They are great for practicing. One more tip: before you sew that center seam, fold the burp cloth in half and pin along the fold. The pins make a good guide so you have a nice straight line down the middle. The first time I tried, I just eye-balled it, and it didn't look so hot.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

My "new" machine is a 1977 Kenmore that was my Mom's! It works great, though. I just made 2 and they are so cute! I haven't washed/dried them yet but I just know they'll be even more adorable when I do. :) I can't wait to give them to my friend!!

Christopher and Alicia said...

Thanks for this tutorial, Jill! I love the burp cloths you made me/Sheldon, you are so talented!

Jenny said...

Your burb clothes are still my favorite! I've tossed out so many of the other ones I had to make room for new clothes, but yours are so cute I like to look at them, even though I don't need to use them anymore.

Bryan, Mary & Abigail said...

You're so good at this stuff. Thanks for being our Martha.

pescbrico said...

Thanks for sharing :) Since I just learn I was expecting I may use those :) They look useful and cute! :)

Diane said...

I haven't sewn anything for years. I'm stuck just mending pants and replacing buttons (my most un-fave thing to do). But this is something easy peasy even I could do!

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Mrs. Varner said...

These are awesome!!! I'm going to have to make these.

Anonymous said...

very good indeed. blogsearch.sg

Em said...

Those look great! What an idea - my mom makes the rag blankets for babies, and now she can make burp cloths too! Cute! Em

Sarah's Stampin said...

These are great! Thanks so much for the pattern.

Trina said...

I can't wait to make some of these. I know all kinds of preggo girls that would adore them! Now off to the fabric store :)

<---That Girl said...

Wow! I saw your sight at blogs of note and I love this little project! I know what I'm making for the next shower I go to. I made some of these out of cloth diapers for my son (who's now 11) and my 8 year old daughter is still playing with them. These are super! Thanks for sharing.

The Harbertson's said...

Hi Jill,
I left or tried to leave a message on another part of your blog, but not sure it went through, I am addicted to your blog sign me up for your 12 step program! You mentioned you go to church, may I ask what faith you are? I have share your blog with my girls, we all love what you share! Thank you for all the great ideas, If you and your husband ever come to Arizona, you have a place to stay!
Your friend from Sunny Arizona,

Jill said...

Hi Cheryl,

I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And I'm a big fan of Arizona - all of my extended family lives there!

Thanks for reading,


Shannon & Dan said...

Thanks for the great tutorial, you have me inspired to make these. They are so cute!

brande said...

hi there! i was just hoppin around the blogs of note and i noticed yours, i have a nonprofit pregnancy and ttc, blog, and im wondering if i could add your link, our girls love home-ade gifts, i will await your reply, come visit anytime !

Archaic Dome said...

Hey! These are great! I made four in about two hours! Thanks SO much for this idea and tutorial- I was trying to think of something faster than a quilt to send to my friend and her new little one!

ddphotography said...

Hi Jill! Thanks so much for this tutorial! it was the first project i made " alone" on a sewing machine..it was so easy and fun to do, they turned out great! this will be something i make time and time again! thanks for getting me excited about sewing! (my mother is soo proud!)

next i will try your bibs!

Nathalie said...

What are burp cloths for? I may not know what they are used for, but that sure is pretty!

Jill said...

Nathalie -

burp cloths are used for burping babies. The cloth soaks up the spit up and protects your shirt. Kind of gross, but necessary!

Dre said...

I tried sewing once and it was a purse and not much fun! This looks a lot easier and I have a baby girl due July 8! I definitely have to try this :) Oh I just can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I will be making these as gifts. Wished I had contour burp clothes when my baby needed them. BTW: my baby turned 13 today! I have lots of leftover quilt batt from quilts I've made, great way to use up scraps!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through a friends and I LOVE it! I get on here all the time. I just got my first sewing machine and have never been taught how to sew so I am trying to teach myself and this is a great way. Thank you so much!

bevq said...

I have made 4 so far for my grandbaby to be! I love this idea and pattern!! Thinking I need to make him a bib or 2 like this! And I have linked to your pattern from my baby-diapering and burping page:



Sonja said...

I love your design. I have a stack of cloth cut out to do the usual sew, flip and sew but now that I found your design I am going to recut the whole stack. I am so glad I found this before I had sat down to the machine. They look great. Look forward to seeing the results. Keep the great designs coming

LaDonna said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I made 3 sets as baby shower gifts and they were a huge hit!

Anonymous said...

I am not a seamstress at all, but I decided to make some of your burp cloths, thinking maybe I could do it...and I did!!! I have a question though. Do you have to wash everything before making them? I didn't do this so before i make more, I thought I should ask.

Jill said...

anonymous - it is a good idea in general to wash new fabrics before you sew with them (especially if you are using two different brands, because they may shrink differently). But I am lazy and usually don't prewash my flannel. They always turn out fine. :)

EdgyK said...

I think for these kind of projects you want to wait to wash it anyway because you want it to kind of shrink and puff up a little. It makes it cuter and more quilt-like. Thanks for the pattern.

Anonymous said...

I made my first two burp cloths yesterday and love them!! Just a question - does the flannel ever stop fraying? I've only washed and dried them twice and they look great but they are still raveling (sp?) quite a bit. Not sure if I need to wash them a bunch more times or just give them to the lucky Mom and let her deal w/the little threads.

Jill said...

They will fray the first several times you wash them. I pass mine off as gifts after washing 2-3 times. I'm sure they fray more afterwards, but shouldn't leave any long hanging threads.

Shannon said...


I love your site! My husband and I are having our first child in October, so I was excited to find all your homemade baby stuff. I tried your burp clothes but modified the dimensions a little. Here is a link to see the final project and your shoutout. http://dotcox.blogspot.com/2008/06/sewing-projects.html. Thanks for your super blog! You have awesome ideas.

Anna K. said...

I love your crafty ideas! I am making the burp cloths right now...and I also tried the shoes you linked to stardust. I am so excited to try more! Thank you so much for sharing!

Melissa said...

I found your site while blurfing for homemade baby gifts. These burp cloths have turned out great! Thanks so much for the idea. I posted what mine look like and gave you due credit at http://melissajhf.blogspot.com/2008/09/burp-cloths.html.

And congratulations on your upcoming addition! What a blessing!

Seville said...

I was wondering how you were able to get the curves to come out perfect everytime? :-) Also what kind of batting do you use?


Crystal said...

I love these! thank you so much for the pattern. I made some out of some scrap fabric I had and they turned out really nice. Again thanks a lot for sharing!

Hilary said...

Great blog, I posted a link to your cloths on my blog. I was wondering if you ever have problems with the batting holding onto smells, etc? I've only ever used a regular diaper in the middle... (could you email me with your response since I can't imagine me remembering to check your comments again -- or you could post it on my blog as a response).

arootdigger2 said...

I wanted to ask before I go to work if you have pattern for your little shoes. I just found you and well haven't had time to browse. I will comment and leave on puter until tonight and then see. I do like your burp cloth.thanks jo

Pivibird said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. I made a set for a baby shower gift and the mama loved them. I gave you credit for the tutorial on my blog. If you want to check it out the link is: http://susanmoyer.wordpress.com/2009/03/01/burp-cloths-for-a-baby-showerburp-cloths-for-a-baby-shower/

Linda said...

Dear Jill,
It was so kind of you to share your idea,and your directions were great!
i sewed some up for a baby shower, and they might be almost the most useful things she gets!

Erin DuBroc said...

jill, i made these this weekend and they came out so cute! i'm still working on sewing evenly around curves, but with the fraying around the edges it camoflages my jabs and missteps!

question: have you ever made these with plain cotton fabric instead of flannel? i got some $1 remnants the other day that i want to use, but i didn't know if they'd come out as well...obviously wouldn't be as soft, but still might work? let me know your thoughts!

Jill said...

Hi Erin,

I've only made the burp cloths with flannel, because it frays well. I'm not sure if quilting cotton would fray as easily, but you could make a very similar burp cloth with finished seams (sew the fabrics right side together and leave an opening to turn right side out. Then top stitch all the way around the edge to close the opening).

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...


Love the idea. do you have to use batting in the middle? I have seen some others that do not.
Just wondering, thanks for the ideas, I am making some Raiders football ones for my husband to use when our son comes.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have just a quick question. When making these, do you have a template that you have made to get the exact measurements right, or what is the best way to make sure the middle is 8in and upper and lower are 9.5in?
Thanks so much, these are adorable and I can't wait to make them!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am brand new to sewing, this is actually going to be my first project. I have a quick question. I have seen on other peoples tutorials that they prewash their flannel to shrink the fabric. To you do this? Is it necessary?

Jill said...

I don't prewash my flannel, and it has never hurt the project.

Good luck!

LeeAnne said...

Thank you for this tutorial! I followed it for my *very first* sewing project, and I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Anna said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of your wonderful creations!!! You are the sweetest person for all that you do! I found your site when I needed it the most! Thanks for answering my email questions so quick! My sister-in-law only uses the ones I made with your help!!! Thanks again for everything!!!" ].

Rachel S. Duvall said...

If I wanted to use Flannel on one side and Terry Cloth on the other, do you know if the Terry will fray like the Flannel does?

Jill said...

Rachel - terry cloth (in my experience) frays much more than flannel. If you want to use it for burp cloths, I would recommend finishing the edges rather than fraying them, since I'm not sure it would stay intact.

Rachel S. Duvall said...

Thanks Jill, I've solved the Terry Cloth problem. Now I have another question that maybe you can help me with. Do you know if 100% Cotton will fray like the flannel did? It's very thick and actually feels more like flannel.

Melzie said...

so how many do you get from your half yard cuts? I am going to try these, I've been making rectangle ones (serged) but these fray edged are adorable! I'll send pics after I try. xoxo melzie

Jen H said...

Wow! These are the cutest things ever! I have many moms-to-be to make gifts for, so these will work perfect! Thanks for sharing with us all! Have a blessed day!

Katharine in Brussels said...

What a neat idea, thanks!

Anonymous said...

It is extremely interesting for me to read this post. Thanks for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

mtsuz said...

What a great, quick gift idea. And I love the practicality of it as well.


Nevaeh said...

Hi I am new to sewing but would love to make these for a friend. I have one question sorry if its silly. Where does that middle piece come in? Thanks Mindy

Juline said...

Can you tell me what the finished dimensions are of one burp cloth?

Sheezwhiz said...

Thanks for posting this tutorial, I just made up a set of 3 for my sister's baby, due in March. I used an extra layer of flannel in the center since I didn't have any batting and it seems to have worked out well. I'll definitely be making more of these.

Becca said...

I saw some burp cloths similar to this at the last baby shower I went to and I kept thinking "I want to learn how to make those!" This seems easy enough...thank you for your insight and guidance on this project...I can't wait to get started!!!!

Nancy said...

Just a quick thanks for your great tutorial. I just finished making two for my niece that is in labor...

I blogged about them and linked back to you...



Miss Jenn said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial for even the most simple minded among us sewers! I've had my new machine for all of 2 weeks...but you won't learn if you don't try, right? So I'm off to give this a shot!! I have a 13 mo old and another on the way and have 2 homemade flannels burp clothes someone made me that I love the most so I've decided I'll just make some more on my own! Thanks again!

jen said...

hoping to make a number of these soon!! thanks so much for sharing :)

Randi said...

Thanks for the tutorial ... I love the rag edge. That's going to be my new baby gift!

lovinsanta said...

I have a question and hope you can help!!! I sewed some of these and that part went great! The not so great part was when I washed them they REALLY frayed and some parts are bald as all the fraying came off in the wash/dryer. I washed some 12 together! What did I do wrong? Did I cut the frays to close together and should I not wash that many together? I can use them for my sister and for home, but want to do them better for gifts.

Thanks for any advise.

Heather in IN

Amy said...

Thanks so much for posting this - it's a perfect gift and looks so easy.

One quick question. When you are laying out your pattern, which way to you lay out the grain line - vertical or horizontal? If you listed above and I missed it I'm sorry.

Thanks Again!

Jill said...

lovinsanta - I've never had that problem and I always wash mine in big batches. My only suggestion is to clip the edges at a wider interval. Hope that helps!

Amy - to be honest, I have never paid much attention to the grain of the fabric for this project. I typically lay the pattern out in whichever way makes the most sense with the print of the fabric. I'm sure I've done it both ways.

Tracy said...

what is the finished size of these??

Misty said...

i tried this tutorial/pattern for my cousins' baby shower. they were SUCH A HIT! my cousin has been posting pictures of her baby laying on them. <3 i'm thinking about making them even larger for babies to lay on, sort of like a blanket, only with more support and "stuffing" :)

Thanks for this pattern!!!
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Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Jill. I love these. And what perfect timing I have 2 neighbors that both just had babies. This will be perfect. I love your blog and will be following. I'm looking forward to becoming friends.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Star @ A Load Of Craft said...

Linked this post at http://aloadofcraft.blogspot.com/2010/04/burp-cloths.html
Thanks for the cute idea and great tute!

Jana said...

So clever! I love how easy these are to make! And so much more reasonable than using cloth diapers.

Arya said...

I finally got a sewing machine and tried your pattern. It was easy to print and cut out the fabric - the hard part for me was sewing around the corners - but that's because I am a beginner...I posted it on my blog if you want to see what I did...but don't look too closely or you will see the horrible flaws...lol

Anonymous said...

Would cute patterned fleece work for this too? Or is that what you mean by flannel?

Anonymous said...

i made these cute burp cloths for a baby shower. my problem is the frayed flannell left lint all over the finished project. i had to take tape and remove all the lint on them. has anyone else had this problem? maybe i did something wrong.

Ashley said...

Thank you for this and for the bib tutorial, I'm due with my second baby in October, I can't wait to try my hand at these before the baby comes! Thank you:)

Anonymous said...

Do you think you could use flannel on one side and terry cloth on the other? I was wandering if it you fray like the flannel? thanks for the idea.

Jill said...

I think terry cloth would fray too much - not if the seam would hold together. But you could always experiment!

Christine said...

Thanks a ton! These look super cute and easy to make! I've already picked up the materials, now off to sew :D

queenbeaz said...

I made a set of burp cloths for a friend who had twin girls & used your fringe idea. So cute! I blogged about it here: http://thebeazhive.blogspot.com/2010/08/gifts-for-twin-baby-girls.html

Anonymous said...

I love this pattern. I found it much easier if I sandwiched the quilt bat between the two layers of flannel before I cut them out.

Sparta Savings said...

I made these while I was pregant and overdue to keep my mind off being overdue! Loved them and blogged about them: http://spartasavings.blogspot.com/2010/09/baby-nesting-project-4-burp-clothes.html

KAM Avenue said...

I made these over and over again for my friends! love it!


cmycook said...

Thanks so much-these are adorable and I am either constantly making items for new grandchildren, or family and friends grandchildren-this is great!!

injanuity said...

Hi Jill - do you think that instead of using the batting, that I could use an old towel?


Tabitha said...

I just got a sewing machine and this will be my first project. It looks like it's do-able for a beginner... I hope :) Thanks for the post!

Barbara Clinansmith said...

Jill thank you so much for publishing the great tutorial for burp cloths, they look so cute and easy. I want to do some with my embroidery machine for our 11th grandchild, just wish I had thought of it 10 ago. I too like white and warm batting.
Macs yangya (the first grand said this before grandma and it stuck)

Lindsey said...

Do you have to use the quilt batting? Or can you just sew up the two pieces of fabric together? I have a baby cousin coming at the end of April, and these would be great. But I have a lot of other projects I'm making for her, plus we're planning the baby shower. I have the fabric, but not the batting.

Cole's Corner said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial Jill.

I've made a bunch and linked to you here:

Emily said...

This is a great tutorial, thank you so much! I'm gonna be making these all the time for baby showers now!

Aubrey Rose said...

I was just about giving up on finding the perfect burp cloth to make as shower gifts. I have been going from store to store looking at the pre-fold diapers and was going to add cute fabric to them, but they all just seem so thin and cheap. I am so happy to have found your tutorial. I am going to the fabric store tomorrow to make these. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern and tut - very generous of you.

Andee Eve said...

Yippee!I just made these and they came out super fab! Thank you so much for the great tutorial. I am absolutely smitten with your blog & your great projects. Thanks bunches!
xo Andee

Sarah said...

Jill, thanks so much for sharing this tutorial! I made some of these for a friend who just had a baby boy. The only thing I changed was to omit the rag edge since I was feeling a bit lazy. Very cute!! Linked to you at http://tysonandmiles.blogspot.com/2011/03/new-baby-gifts.html.

Have a great day!

Erika Jean said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I made some for the family that I nanny for!

ErikaJean's Burp cloths

Lori@KitchenFunk said...

Jill, I wanted to let you know that I just linked up to your terrific tutorial. I just made your burp rags and blogged about it, and I used your button as well. Thank you! ~Lori

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your ideas, especially this super easy to make burp cloth. I have made numerous from the pattern provided- for myself and to use as gifts. Everyone that I have given them to absolutely love them. I even used your tutorial on making a diaper cake and then wrapped burp cloths around it- like the frosting on the cake- and the mommy to be just loved it!
Your ideas are fantastic and I love how you explain everything in easy to understand steps. You're amazing and I'm so happy I found your blog!

My Petticoat is Showing said...

Thanks so much for the instuctions! The photos and pattern made it all so easy to understand. I linked my attempt to your site on my blog. Hopefully everyone will try it and see how wonderful they are. Thanks again. Happy Sewing!!!!!

Lewis Family said...

Thank you so much! I made a set of six for myself and love them. It was so easy and I was really dreading poking holes to do a crocheted edge. They're beautiful and when baby comes, she's going to love them too.

MargaretL said...

I've made these now as gifts for 3 or 4 friends. They are awesome! Plus they're just the right size to find scrap flannel pieces at JoAnn's for!

Joan J said...

I know you wrote this tutorial years ago, but it's still a great resource. I made 4 of these cloths this afternoon, and will probably make many more. I did not use the center strip, but instead added four inches from the end of the "end piece" pattern to the fold, allowing me to cut each side in one piece, vs three (less sewing). Thanks so much for offering this!

Momma Llama said...

I love this pattern, so easy & yet it's a homemade gift that friends have loved. I can't wait to make them for my future grandbabies. I so want to be a gramma
Thanks again

CindyM said...

I so love your pattern. I spent an hour looker over patterns and yours is just what I need! It is just like the ones I used to make and lost the pattern for. I am not artsy enough to hand draw my own. Thanks so much for sharing!

Crazykiddies said...

So cute! Thanks to your awesome tutorial I made a set of 6 for my sister in law's shower. Here is the link to my blog I wrote about them. http://crazykiddies.blogspot.com/2011/06/my-latest-creations.html

Katie said...

This might be a really dumb question but I'm very new to sewing... you have two end pieces and a middle piece on your templates, but I'm not sure where the middle piece fits in. If my question doesn't make sense, I'll try to clarify. Maybe here's a better way of asking-- do you put all three templates together (2 end pieces and middle piece) to get your final piece?

gracie said...

Dear Jill...so glad I found your blog. I am going to be a first time grandma at age 64 in November! I wanted to make something useful for my Devin and these will be perfect. Thank you for sharing this pattern.
Grace in Arizona

Melinda Willis said...

Just became a gramma for the second time on July 20th. These are so cute and easy to make. I used double stiching needles for extra strength. Thanks for sharing

Barbara Clinansmith said...

Thank you so much for this great pattern. I wanted to make something special for our 11th grandchild and used my embroidery machine to add something of interest near the center reverse side for the little one to look at in a few months. They were fun and easy and I have had a request to make some another person.
I used fleece in the middle which seemed to be more waterproof than the batting mentioned. I also preshrank the fabrics that were going to be embroidered.

PENNY said...

Gracie, I see you didn't get your question answered. You tape the 3 pieces together, the strip goes between the other to pieces. This will make the pattern whole. good luck

craftbaby said...

I LOVE this shape; after making the first batch according to the directions, I sewed the others inside out (sewing on the inside) and used super cute flannels. Love it, love it! http://wp.me/p1MV1v-e

MomofTwins said...

I found this site last night and I just made a set of burp cloths for my friend's baby shower. I am thrilled with how they turned out and grateful for the directions, pattern, and pictures. Thanks so much!


A&S Elder said...

These are so cute! I can't wait to try this out! Thanks for posting a tutorial!

Foxy said...

I just made a set of four with my leftover flannel. I made two with hidden seams an two with fringe. I didn't have any batting so I used thin white fleece. They turned out great! Thank you!

How to Burp said...

These are so lovely Jill!
Thanks so much for posting a tutorial..you make it seem so easy and fun to make! Great Idea for a gift indeed... :)

Angela Lee said...

Just curious. Is there a reason why you don't extend these out with that middle piece and cut it on the fold? I was thinking of doing that but didn't want to mess up the cloths. I thought if you'd already tried that, I would learn from your practices.


lilcricket1279 said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial!! I just popped out two of these like nothing! I can't wait for my baby to get here so I can use them =). I hope you don't mind but I also pinned this to Pinterest.com so others could try it.

Jo said...

These are adorable and sooo easy. I made 8 in two different patterns for my grandson expected next month! I tied them up with a ribbon and will probably make more. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I haven't sewed in years and not even then did I do difficult things. I am really interested in making these but I am not sure why the middle piece is neccessary. Couldn't I just make the peanut shape w/o the strip shown in the pattern? Thanks!!

homemade by jill said...

The middle piece just makes the burp cloth longer (I couldn't fit the whole pattern piece on one printable page). If you don't mind a smaller burp cloth, you could leave it out!

JILL S. said...

This is just what I was looking for. I make hats for the newborns at my local hospital. These will make a great addition! Thank you so much!

Lewis Family said...

Love these. They turned out so beautiful!

Shanni said...

Made some of your burp cloths today. I posted about them in my blog. I'm fairly new at sewing. These were a lot of fun to make. Thanks!


Trina said...

Hi! These are adorable!

I make Rag Quilts and just have to ask where you got those snippers from? I use a Fiskars pair now, but because these blades are shorter they look like they would be perfect for snipping the edges. Thanks!

Joyce L.Kopp said...

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Anonymous said...

I know this is probably a stupid question, but how many burp clothes can you get out of one yard of fabric?

linnylou6603 said...

Thank you so much for sharing! You're AWESOME!!! :)

MJo Hartzell said...

I made 8 of these today. The instructions were easy to understand and I placed a link on my blog to your tutorial. Thank you!!

Sue said...

Thank you for this pattern. A cute and practical gift. I made 6 of them as directed. I found the clipping and all the little bits in the washing to be very messy and was not fond of the final rag edge look. With the next batch, I did get less mess and cleaner look using the same pattern, stitching ride sides together, turning inside out and top stitching around the edge. In addition to the middle top stitching, I also added an additional top stitching in a half circle shape at the top and bottom rounded edges. Helped keep batting in place better. Be careful with the flannel you buy, some pill terribly with washing and that would not be soft against babies face.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I will have to try this one! --karenbomagat.etsy.com

Joseph said...

Very appreciative idea i need some of them to send gifts to pakistan to my wife.

Tanya said...

Very cute! I just made a pile for my own new little baby to be!

RobinfromCA said...

Love these! With new baby granddaughter on the way I am going to get busy with this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this awesome burp cloth. I have a friend having a baby in a month and was looking for a fun thing to make. I'll make these for her. BTW Just noticed you are LDS. I am LDS too!

Jen said...

thank you for the tutorial and pattern. I made some yesterday and they turned out great!

Anonymous said...

thanks for share..

Jennifer T. Chinn said...

are the flannel pieces absorbant enough to use as a burp cloth? just wondering because I made a few, and threw some water on it, and it sort of beaded...

Kaeleigh Bont said...

Thank you so much! I am brand new at sewing and this was my first project. It turned out awesome!

Cindy Sterling @ cindy.sterling@comcast.net said...

Hi! Thanks for the adorable- and UNIQUE - burp cloth pattern and tutorial. I plan to make several for three upcoming baby showers and these look PERFECT! I just have two questions . . . 1) have you ever made them out of soft quilting cotton and NOT flannel? (warm summer coming up . . .) and do you prewash all your fabrics before you cut and sew? I ALWAYS DO - just wanted to make sure I got the right amount of fabric. Thanks again for your generosity in sharing this super cute idea . . . fallen in love with sewing again after a long time away and these will make terrific girts! Cindy

Jennifer said...

I have been wanting to make these ever since I found a link on Pinterest. Thank you for sharing your pattern. My daughters are teens, but we have been watching some babies. After a couple of spit-ups today and no burp cloths handy I finally whipped these up. Love how easy it was to make them! Next time we'll be ready.

Jenny said...

I just made these and they were really easy (and I don't sew). Since they were gifts I wanted to have them monogramed. Before sewing, I took one panel from each burp cloth and had it monogramed so it wouldn't show through on the back. Also, next time I make them I will eliminate the batting and add a third layer of flannel and pick a complimentary pop of color. This will eliminate the trimming of the batting between the flannel....which was a pain, and it will add more fullness at the edges.

Jenny said...

You need a half yard of each pattern. ...giving a total of one yard. You should be able to make 4 burp cloths.

Kelli said...

I'm new to my sewing machine so this may be a silly question....if i wanted to do the finished edge version of this, is there any simple way to do it while still using quilt batting? The only way I know to do it is to sew the right sides together and flip it, but that obviously won't work if I use quilt batting! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

:) Cute pattern and great tute...I have made finished seam ones for ages, and have never used quilt batting, and everyone loves them. I don't think it is necessary at all, but I may give it a try!

Anonymous said...

I just happened across this burp cloth tutorial and have a question. I see where you clip your corners but don't you turn it all inside out? Do you clip all the way around and then wash them so the whole outside frays? Could you maybe post a picture of a full one once it is done? Thanks so much.

Mom2Caleigh said...

I love these! I have made a lot of burp pads, but the edges on yours are just so cute! You write good tutorials, something that not everyone can do. Thank you so much, I need to look up your other posts, and I will be following you from now on!!

Anonymous said...

It seems that she sews them with the printed side out so there is no need to clip sides and turn inside out!

Anonymous said...

I have made these, the only thing is they make a mess of my washing machine as they malt. How many washes before they come good?

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this is a silly question but what is batting? it may have a different name in Australia? Otherwise they look awesome and easy to make

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this is a silly question but what is batting? it may have a different name in Australia? Otherwise they look awesome and easy to make

P Bybee said...

Thank you for the tutorial! My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I have been using your pattern to make burp cloth for our friends! They're so useful, we love it so much! Thanks again! :)

Lynda Beaulieu said...

What a great tutorial. One of the best I've seen. Planning to make these for my niece. Please post more sewing tutes you make it so easy!

Christine Cunningham said...

This is the third time I'll be making these amazing burp cloths! Thank you for a great idea and the tutorial to complete it!

Neicy said...

wondering if I used terrycloth for one side, would it still fray like flannel? or would I be better off using flannel for both sides?

Irina Johnson said...

Thanks you for the wonderful tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Just love these. Im about to become a grandma for the first time so Im going to make a bunch of these up for the new mama.

the uncommon pearl said...

Thank you for this simple, and oh, so sweet burp cloth tutorial! I was able to make this for baby gift last week for a very special little guy.
I shared it with my blog readers today!


I will definitely be making more of these!

JJCuties said...

So lovely, I have baby shower coming up. Will make some for my friend! Thank you for sharing.

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