crafting for Christmas: hostess aprons

I made a bunch of hostess aprons for some of my favorite ladies:

a cardinal Christmas apron for my sister-in-law, Michelle

a snowflakes and stars apron for Jaime

a paisley apron for Stephanie

and a black and white toile apron for Mitzi
Mitz was even kind enough to model hers for your viewing pleasure. Notice how she can effortlessly pull off evening wear with a touch of domesticity - lovely.


Meg said...

Evening wear with an apron. lovely. Why do I feel like you would be so much more likely to sport that combo than mitz?

Connie said...

I saw something like this on the Martha Stewart show. You did a great job. They are so pretty.

Charlie said...

Ok I have been thinking to myself for a few weeks now that I want to make myself an apron. Did you get the pattern out of your own head or is there something I can buy to explain it???