dachshund sock dog

I made this silly dachshund sock dog for my little buddy Jack, who turned one year old today.

There isn't a pattern in Sock and Glove for this dog, but you can follow the basic rules of the zebra pattern with a couple of modifications (lengthen the torso, leave off the mane, etc.), and by the end, you'll have a cute little dachshund.

Happy birthday Jack!


Tommy said...

thats really cool! a must-have for dog lovers everywhere!

Randi said...

very cute - I love it

Aya Rosen said...

This is really cute.

Karen said...

Aww...looks kinda like a little sock puppet doggie lol.

Laura said...

That's really good. My Mother made a stuffed dog for my brother when he was a kid. He's 41 now and still has that dog. :)

flo' said...

very very cooooooool

Anonymous said...

c'est joli

Nabeel said...

in the last picture, it looks like the dog is smiling. But do you have a cat version of this?

Anonymous said...
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... said...
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Reluctant Housewife said...

What an adorable dog. I'm blown away by your mad crafting skillz! I'm new to crafting & have done some crocheting & knitting. I'll be coming back here for inspiration. Thanks for sharing your projects!

missknits said...

omgosh this is too cute! what a great idea! just adorable!

Christina said...

This is so cute!

The Bimi family said...

Just have to love it!
It´s soooo cute!
Nice work!

yelloporno said...
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Jill said...

sorry, yelloporno, I had to delete your comment. this is not that kind of blog.

Rhonda in OK said...

So Cute! I am going to look for some socks similar to yours and make one

Di Hill said...

I love your site. As the owner of a dachshund I was pleased to see your sock toy. You create wonderful things.


Casey said...


I absolutely love your sock dog. I am a huge fan of sock monkeys (sock monkey photo album) and was planning on making sock rabbits, but this dog has now taken top priority in my sock animal queue. Thanks for sharing!!

might I add...? said...

You have some cute things here.

Keep in mind that for baby toys, eyes/noses/etc. should not be made of any material that can come off, such as buttons. They are potential choking hazards, and could cause a baby to die.

A much better plan is to embroider eyes on.

Brandellaa said...

This is adorable! I want to make one for my little Doxle

TAB Photographic said...

LOVE THIS GUY! made me smile!

katrina lauren said...

Cutest little pup! I am going to try and make one too...i'll say it's to give away but i'll probably keep it for when i have a wee one of my own to give it to!

Carol said...

I'm intrigued by your sock pets--I took a look at the Sock and Glove book on Amazon, but I'm unable to determine...anyhow, here's what I need to know:

I'm craft-challenged. I tend to mess up crafts that are complex. Really bad. In ways that the original pattern-maker/idea person could never imagine. It's been a lifetime of "lack of talent" for me, unfortunately. And I don't have a sewing machine, but I can sew a button on something...do you think the sock animals would be something I could do, or should I leave it to people who were born with a crafty talent?

jack said...
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Rob said...


Sarah and I are thinking about getting a real dachshund someday (maybe soon). We need to get a fence first. This guy is the coolest!


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