things I want to make

Since I am such a slow-poke these days, I put this list together of things I would like to make (or attempt to make). Because, one, I think some of you crafty people out there might like to try these projects, and two, because I don't want to forget that I want to make them. :)

The list is, umm, quite long. Maybe I'll be done by 2010?


one-hour bag – by vintage ric rac

fabric bag/basket = bagsket – by foofanagle

fabric shopping bag – by oh, fransson!

fabric buckets – by vintage ric rac

crazy 9-patch squares quilt – by oh, fransson!

easy lap quilt – by wise craft

multi-stripe baby quilt – by the village shop blog

bird embroidered quilt – by Martha Stewart

shirt pocket quilt – by Martha Stewart

For the Home
decoupage stool – by lorena, via design*sponge

decoupage storage cart – by lady harvatine

three-pocket wall organizer – by craftlog

patterned key rack – by design*sponge

paper punch collage – by ali edwards

bedside book cozy – by one more moore

family tree fan chart – by Martha Stewart

button-up window shade – by Martha Stewart

closet on wheels – by Martha Stewart

quilted coaster set – by Martha Stewart

Just for Fun

happy birthday banner – by see mommy sew

homemade slippers – via home companion magazine

fabric colored button hairbands – by your heart out

felt-covered barrettes – by angry chicken

coconut sugar scrub – by angry chicken

paper globes – by heather bailey

reuseable sandwich wrap – by the small object


baby dress pattern – by made by rae

crib rail guard – by new england quilter

covered nursery lampshade – by fat orange cat

nursing cover – by made by the mama monster

travel wipes case – by jan andrea

diaper bag – by a mingled yarn
baby leggings – by baby hopes

crocheted baby blanket – by rosy little things

baby tag blankets – by breanna

Bitty Booties – by heather bailey

baby shower bookplates – via nested

baby stroller blanket – by joybucket

hooded baby towel – by skip to my lou

soft baby cube – by london mummy

washcloth duckie – by Martha Stewart

nursing and bedtime playlist – by Martha Stewart

bath apron – by Martha Stewart

towel bib – by Martha Stewart

baby kimonos – by Martha Stewart


Crayon roll – by skip to my lou

plush robot – by revoluzzza

plush diggers – by elsie marley

fabric balls – by grand revival design

play "mail center" – by nothing fancy


Jodie said...

That is a big list - goodluck with them all.

Jaysi said...

I just stumbled upon your site, and let me just say I love everyone one of these crafts!! Thank you for this handy list. I am not all that crafty, but you have totally inspired me!

New England Quilter said...

Wow - great list with links included too! You've inspired me to start my own list!

Samantha said...

Your list looks alot like mine... and now I'm adding things that are on your's (like the baby dress and the bucket - I made a storage box and it was pretty easy)! I've also made the blocks and balls... they are easy and the kids love them! Happy crafting!

Team Harris said...

Thank you for all the AWESOME ideas! I HAVE to make that crazy nine-patch quilt now. It is gorgeous. BTW-I am Erin King's roommate from BYU. She is a really good friend of mine.

Grant & Nicole said...

THANK You for this list! Not sure if you already have a way to organize ideas you like, but if you don't look into Google just might change your life... =)

Liz said...

Thanks for sharing. I've added a few of them to my list.

Angry Asian said...

wow, you are so ambitious with your crafting! i especically like some of the bags and for the home stuff. depending on how well i do in my sewing class, i might try some of the projects myself.
good luck with your crafting.

coryshay said...

Wow!! I have a similar list on the side of my blog, and now it is a lot longer!! Thanks, Jill!

Rebeckah said...

I love your blog! You have the best ideas! I am so glad you got to be on the show. Your dress is pretty! Have a great weekend!

Jaime said...

i love it all! what can i make with you!

Amber P. said...

What a great list! I'm very inspired. I think I will add several to my list, too! I especially love the plush diggers. My daughter's favorite word is "backhoe!"

Casey said...

great list! some of these were already things I wanted to make but I think I've now added to my list

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for so many great links - I'm bookmarking your post! :)

Janalee said...

Hi, you don't know me, but we share an Aunt. An Aunt Nancy, that is. I'm on the Hansen side. She told me about your blog likey.

Thanks for the list, there are several here that I've been wanting to do: the birthday banner, button covered ponytails, and more. The problem is I spend so much time looking for fun projects then get so overwhelmed because there are too many cute ideas out there, so then I rarely sit down and do them. What's my prob?

Sommers Gerratt said...

Can I just say THANK YOU!!! I have been looking for a site to make homemade babylegs. I just made them today and they are super easy!! 10 minutes, seriously!!! You inspire me thanks for sharing your list. I've started mine!!!

Thanks again.

Lindsey said...

Love the list and I have added some to my list too! :) I'm just now getting into sewing...and I'm not the greatest yet..but I'm excited to make a few of the things listed. I have made a stroller blanket but instead of using ties I attached mitten clips... this is the archive link if you want to check it out. enjoy!

Rolling River Rock said...

I have been looking to a babyleg site and also a site for book tags, perfect for a shower coming up!

Thanks so much. I have a huge list as well. Maybe I should look into google notebook too.

Susan said...

I'm really enjoying both your blogs. Thanks for some great ideas, the fabric buckets will definitely be made for my daughter's buckles.


i hope you make them all in time - what wonderful ideas!

Kiasa said...

I love your list! You totally inspire me to be creative.

Dana Jones said...

you'd better get busy! Good luck, can't wait to see your photos.

Were you nervous at seeing Martha? Did she put you at ease? She seems much more friendly in this show than her first one.

Angie said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog. I had never had an inkling that a blog could be so interesting until seeing yours, and it inspired me to start my own! I have looked forward to each new post. Thanks for the inspiration!

Wilde Mom said...

Jill, I just finished making one of the nursing covers. The tutorial you have listed was much better than the one I started out with. I'll try to post a picture on my blog tomorrow. It was fun! I'm excited to try it out soon. I have less than a week to go.

lisa said...

I noticed on your list under Baby that you had the wash cloth duckies from Martha Stewart. I tried to make these several years ago, and never finished them. I thought that because I was going to cut them up, I could use cheaper wash clothes that were nice a fluffy and soft. I didn’t get crappy cheap ones, just not the super nice ones. As it turns out, when I tried to cut the pattern, the terry cloth started to peal and unravel. It was also really hard to sew because the stitches would pull out and take bits of cloth with it. In hind sight I should have went for tighter woven terry cloth. Maybe ones made for babies would work best? I just thought I would let you know before you tried it. I still have the half finished duckies somewhere. Maybe I will get new terry cloth and try it again some day.

LingoVise said...

The Pocket Quilt is cute - I've made something similar. If you like that one, I'll have to post the Hide & Seek quilt I'm working on for my little guy - it's quite hip and fun :)

Mom said...

Thanks for the list. I've already tried out two of projects!

hopeful #1 said...

Could I put in a request for one of each? Thank you for the links! Great list!!!!

Chris and Kristen McCutchen said...

Hey, I loved this list. But for some reason all the links are gone now. Can you repost it? I definitely want to try and see it again!

Thanks for sharing your work.

A viewer

peaknits said...

What a great post - I enjoyed surfing for these great projects - thank you!

The Golf Widow said...

That is a great list. I want to make them all, too. Only problem is I can barely sew. I'm trying the crayon roll though. My girls will never complain about something that holds art supplies.It beats a box.
Love you blog!

Jill said...

Thanks so much for sharing your list! I'm ready to try the one-hour bag and maybe a few other ideas too!

Kari said...

Funny, I have made a few things you've listed you want to make. The nursing cover has been what I have made the most for shower gifts and my friends LOVE them. It's fun to find fabric that fits their personalities. Also, you have to make the baby dress made by rae!! I made two of them for my friend's twins and they are adorable. You should also check out the different booties by The kimono baby shoes aren't too difficult.