giveaway winner!

Wow - I can't believe so many of you commented! Thanks so much for stopping by. :)

And the winner is .... klarobinson215, who said, "What a groovy little fellow! I have always wanted a sock dog :)"

Email me your mailing address to, and I'll send Preppy Dog right away. I hope you or someone special enjoy him!

When comments started flying in, I thought back to last year when I did a giveaway, which was also a sock dog. Coincidentally, it was also posted on October 1 (and that really is a coincidence ... I didn't plan it). At the time, I didn't have many readers, but I remember saying to Jared, "I bet I'll get 30 comments on this!" which would have been huge for me. Then I got 8 comments in the three days I let the giveaway run. Woo! :)

So I guess my point is, a blog can change a LOT in a year. In September 2007 I had around 350 total visits. In September 2008, folks popped in 23,031 times! I am wowed. I am honored. Thank you so much.


claudia said...

Congratulations to klarobinson215. I'm sure that pup will have a great home!
It's great how word gets around the blogging world and you build friends over the weeks months and years!
You have a wonderful blog, I always look forward to what you share!

Jodie said...

and some of us visit but don't enter (I have wons o many giveaways i am not entering for a little while).
It is amazing how much a blog changes in a year - feel free to come and enter my giveaway Jill.

carbon854 said...

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Mandi said...

I just happened into your blog last week, now I check it often to find ideas for projects. I have always wanted to do fun gave me the inspiration to finally do it. Thanks for all of the great ideas...and good luck with your baby! I just had #3, and life couldn't get much better!

Just me said...

That's great Jill! Congratulations on the growth of your blog:) It's so much fun to read, it's one of my favorites!

Amber P. said...

Congrats, Jill! That's so encouraging. I'm hosting my first giveaway right now. It ends 10/7 and I only have 8 comments so far. I hope in a year I can be close to where you are now! I am so inspired by your blog and projects.