Here's a list of my favorite free on-line printables. There are so many talented and generous graphic designers out there that offer fantastic downloads. Some of my favorites are Creature Comforts and A Print a Day. Take a look - you won't be disappointed!

Greeting Cards
pretty pink card and address labels from Creature Comforts
printable greeting card from Creature Comforts
customizable greeting cards and gift tags from Creature Comforts
button card by how about orange
emergency birthday card and envelope by how about orange


pretty pink card and address labels from Creature Comforts
matrioshka doll to-do lists and labels by a print a day
doily labels by a print a day

Gift Tags

customizable greeting cards and gift tags from Creature Comforts
four seasons gift tags by Fog and Thistle
baby gift tags by Fog and Thistle
vintage children book illustration gift tags by doe-c-doe
little dresses gift tags by a print a day
baked pretty gift tags by every little thing


printable stationary from Creature Comforts
library cards and envelopes by creature comforts
to-do lists from A Little Hut
matrioshka doll to-do lists and labels by a print a day


printable 2009 desk calendar by Vintage Glam
carnivorous plants calendar by a print a day


little girl bookplates by The Black Apple (via CraftSanity)
vintage bookplates by doe-c-doe
book shower bookplate by nested


printable animal stickers from Lotta Bruhn
in-a-pinch business cards by a small object

I printed out a batch of stationary, greeting cards, gift tags and labels for my sister's Christmas present, and made her personalized address labels in MS Word.

My friend, Bonnie, made a greeting card binder for her grandma. She divided it by month and included cards, envelopes with postage, and address labels for all the family birthdays and holidays. Every Christmas, she refills the binder. Great idea, right?


gigi said...

Awesome Ideas!!

evilcheekyweemonkey said...

i only recently came across your blog (on a random search for sock creature patterns), and i've spent the past three days enthralled as i read through everything! all i can say is: THANK YOU and keep up the awesome work!!

Ashley said...

Great list, thank you!

Jill said...

Love your blog - it's full of great ideas! Thank you!

Hippie Family... said...

my friend Lolly makes some SUPER printables.. you should stop by her place and check it out..
she makes really cute owls too :)
hows mr man doing?

The Henrich Family said...

thanks for the links, Jill. And, I love my gift folder of all these goodies. thanks again

Kristina R. said...

Thank for posting this list. Great site.

a print a day said...

thank you jill! you have a lovely blog :)


20-Something Superhero said...

Great idea. Also, I am loving the idea for the card binder. This would be great for my mom!!!

ConnieK said...

Great list! I have a printable calendar for kids to color too on my blog:

Busy Nothings said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now and I love your ideas. Thanks for a fantastic blog! This is one of my favorite entries.

katie said...

You are so wonderful! Thanks for compiling all of these here. It's so cool that artists offer these.

~~Missy~~ said...

What a great list of ideas!

albertaphotography said...

Jill, thank you for going to the trouble of listing all these great resources!

marla said...

How did your friend BOnnie make the greeting card binder? That sounds awesome. I'd like to make one too!
(found your blog from another friend's blog. You are talented!)