wipe-clean vinyl baby bib

Oscar is almost ready to start eating food, so now I'm thinking about bibs. This tutorial uses the same template as my other bibs, but the fabric is vinyl coated for easy clean up. Just wipe it down!

Materials needed:
1 fat quarter of fabric (you won't use the whole thing)
about 18 inches of clear iron-on vinyl (I used Therm O Web brand)
1 package of coordinating piping (optional)
1 inch of velcro

1. Following the manufacturer's instructions, fuse your vinyl to your fabric.

2. Save the template to your computer before printing as a full-page image. (Printing from your browser will re-size the image)
3. Use the template to cut your laminated fabric. Cut two.

4. Pin the piping to the outer edge of the one side of the bib, if you choose to use piping. The raw edges of the piping and your laminated fabric should be lined up. I only use piping on the outer edge, but you may want it to go around the neck opening as well.

5. Sew the piping to the bib (just one side at this point), following the stitch line on the piping as close as possible. Use a thread that will contrast well with the back of your fabric (you want to be able to see your seam).

6. Lay the other cut fabric on top of the piece with the piping, with right sides facing together. Pin the two pieces together with the sewn side facing up. Sew around all sides of the bib, leaving a 2-3 inch opening at the bottom to turn.

Don't forget to leave your opening!

7. Trim the edges using pinking shears.

8. Turn the bib right side out. It is kind of a beast to turn because the vinyl makes the fabric stiffer, but that's where the piping becomes helpful. It gives you something to grab as you turn the straps through.

9. Attach the velcro closure to the straps. Hand sew the opening closed.

You're done! Proudly display on any baby.

(my model was more interested in chewing on the bib than showing it off)

Want a no-sew version?
1) laminate your fabric
2) cut one piece from the template using pinking shears
3) attach sticky-back or iron-on velcro tape to the straps


Cher in said...

This is soo cute! You are good! Thanks for the great ideas!

Kayleen Moulton said...

Oscar is a darling baby! Cute bib idea, too. I love reading your blog. (Aunt) Kayleen Moulton

Jordan and Ashley said...

I really like this bib and your son is super cute!

Annie Miller said...

These look fun! Your little boy has the most beautiful hair! It will be a sad day when you decide to cut it.

dockters said...

can't wait to make one of these! thanks!

lisa said...

I loved vinyl bibs when my son was younger. I wish I had thought about making them. Now that he is older (and needs something bigger) I have made a bunch of dish towel bibs from Martha. They are functional, but not as cute as the vinyl print. And Oscar is pretty cute too!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

This is fantastic and your model could not get any cuter! =) I loved "proudly display on any baby." Made me laugh! I'll be linking.

foobella said...

That boy has David Cook* hair.

*Last year's American Idol winner.

Jefferey and Victoria said...

yay for this tut being posted right before I started making a bunch of cloth bibs for my little one (who is also getting ready to eat)

Ashley said...

Cute bib! Oscar is growing so fast!!

Dana and Daisy said...

Hi Jill! We are going to be grandparents soon, so I might have a reason to make some of your adorable projects afterall!

On Friday morning, I'll have a post which bestows you with the Kreative Blogger Award, should you decide to accept it.

Kindest Regards:

Amy said...

That child of yours is ADORABLE, and somehow manages to get cuter every time I check in on this site! Thanks for the post. A vinyl baby bib is a BRILLIANT idea. Thanks again.

~Amy :-)

G. said...

This looks easy enough that even I (being a novice seamstress) might even be able to pull it off. BTW, your son is an absolute doll!

Vanessa said...

Jill -what a cute shower gift idea! One of a kind baby bibs! Too cute and easy to make. Best of luck starting on the solids - it's gonna get messy!

Sarah said...

Oh Jill! He is growing up so quickly! What a cutie! And the bib is cute too!!

Rose said...

What a cutie! Although this post was too late for me, I already spent $25 on plastic bibs :(

Stacy - Mae Mae's Creations said...

Iron on vinyl??? Off to shop :D

Twiddle Thumbs said...

Love this! It's so cute and I love that you have two versions (sew/no-sew), you're so clever!

Jenny said...

totally cute! I'll have to keep this idea around, because I'm definitely going to want to do it sometime.

LaDonna said...

What a cute model! I love his blue eyes =) Coming from a mom of two I thought I might suggest adding a pouch on the bottom to catch run away food. With it being vinyl baby food will run right into his lap if not wiped away pretty quick.

dan and audrey said...

Hey Jill,
I check your site every once in awhile just to see the great crafty things you've been up to! everything is always soo cute! you are as clever as they come!(: love the bib idea, I have been making changing pads that way but never thought of a bib. anyway about a week ago I clicked by here and saw your spring tote, so cute. I had literally just finished a bag out of the exact same dish towels! although yours is way cuter they are very similar... well thanks for the inspiration, you truely are an amazing crafter.
ps your baby is BEAUTIFUL!

LFinn said...

I love the fabric you used for the bib as well--very boyish! I have a hard time finding boy fabric that I like:-) My little guy is almost 6 months and ready to start eating, so I might be cranking some of these out. Other uses for iron on vinyl--placemats for the table, and little mats to go under the high chair (I am sure they have a cute name, but I don't know what it is!)

Sunny said...

Your son makes an adorable baby model. Thanks for posting this idea. It was perfect timing. I have been trying to decide what to make my friend for her baby shower. This is perfect! She is having a girl so instead of piping I used ric-rac for a more girly touch. I also made a couple a little longer with a vinyl pocket sewn to the bottom (to catch food) for when the baby gets older. Great instructions! It was actually as easy as you made it sound. Thanks a bunch!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

Love the bib. So cute...and durable!

Hey, since you're a DIYer with the crafts, you might want to check out my DIY Homemade Babyfood site:


kirstin & jordan said...

what a terrific tutorial... I'll be linking later this month from my blog www.kojodesigns.blogspot.com!

Anonymous said...



I just wanted to let you know that you son is grogeous. I aslo wanted to let you know that the tutorial that you posted for the bib was very simple to follow. (THANK YOU)

I made one for my niece and my sister in law loved it.

Thank you

Viagra said...

I identify with this because my son Michael also is almost ready to eat and this is the perfect way to make something different the problem is I'm so bad weaving.

Shannon said...

can you wash these bibs in the wash with the iron on vinyl? or should you just hand wash them?