join the felt playhouses flickr group!

Hey ya'll. I have been getting SO many emails and comments from people who have made a felt playhouse. And they are turning out really
cute! I love seeing photos of what you all create.

Since I thought other felt playhouse fans might want to see them as well, I created a felt playhouses flickr group.

Share your photos and join the party!

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The Little Hedgie said...

Hi Jill! I only discovered your blog a week ago and have spent the last week reading every one of your old posts. What a great blog!
You've inspired me to create a felt playhouse for my 8 month old daughter... this gives me time to design and create it :)
I can't wait to see what others put in the flickr group - perfect inspiration!!!

Thank you for a wonderful read!

therookie said...

Wonderful! I added a photo. I am only done with one side, so I hope to see a bunch more for some more inspiration!

Suki said...

Hi Jill,
I, along with Michelle one of the above poster, came across your blog within the last week. I've read every single blog post and kept saying "I need to remember this is here" - SO MUCH GOOD STUFF! I love it all.

Jena said...

I'm not surprised! I'm making one and everyone that I have told is making their own version and 3 of us get together weekly to work on them together. We are so excited for Christmas!! One friend is making attachable panels for bunk beds! So cute!

Brooke said...

Jill, I am creating one of these for my son, who will be one next month. I want to finish the entire thing before posting. I did however steal almost all of your ideas, sorry and thanks! There are only a few things I have changed. I also added a fishing pond with stuffed felt fish (with a magnet in them) and a magnetic pole. I also added several animals (all of which velcro off and on... a turtle, snails, butterfly, and a few more... I will post pictures in a week or two when I am done. I don't have much time to spend on it so it is taking me a while to finish. THANKS FOR THIS AMAZING IDEA!!

Anonymous said...

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