because it's halloween. la, la, la, la, la!

Oscar is getting really into Halloween, and I love it.  He wants to watch this little song on youtube about 20 times a day.

Oscar and Ruby's costumes are still in the works, but I've been helping out with a few extra Halloween costumes:

Nacho Libre for my cute little nephew:
I used the Perfect Diaper Cover pattern from MADE (with a few extra inches added to the top to make them appropriately high-waisted), the Little Leggings pattern from Lil' Blue Boo, and a cape of my own creation.

To make the easiest cape ever, just take a t-shirt, and leaving the collar intact, cut off the front and sleeves.  I also trimmed the back so it would taper up to the top.  If the collar fits well, you can leave it as is to slip over the head.  I trimmed this one down to fit a toddler, so cut the collar and added a velcro closure.  I also zig-zag stitched around the cut part of the collar to finish it off.  You don't need to hem the sides or bottom of the cape because jersey fabric doesn't fray!

Next up, the Man in the Yellow hat for a playgroup friend:

The hat is made with stiff felt and the tie is made with a double layer of soft felt backed with fusible fleece.   The hat was tricky, especially with the stiff felt.  It took a lot of fidgeting and adjustments, so I'm not going to try to tell you how I made it.  I also made him some pants, but I don't have them for pictures.

Hopefully I can update this later with pictures of the kids in costume!  Now I need to get to work on costumes for my own little ones.  :)

UPDATE:  See the kiddos in costume HERE.

Also ... the first round for projects for Crafting with the Stars is up HERE and voting is open until tonight - 10 p.m. MST.

I can't tell you which project my partner made, but it is gorgeous and I love it.  I really didn't do anything but cheer her on.  Great job, Melanie!  All of the projects are really well done - I think you'll be impressed.  So go VOTE!


Vanessa said...

Oh, my gosh! I love the man with the yellow hat tie and hat! My daughter is going as a monkey this year and I now have to make that for my husband! Too cute! Thanks for the idea!

Roeckers said...

LOve the Man with the Yellow hat idea!!
Next year I may have to steal this idea and make my lil ape baby curious George and one of the other kids the man with the yellow hat. Smashing! stinkin' fun!!

daniii♥ said...

I love the man in the yellow hat costume pieces!!!

Tricia said...

Naaaachoooooo! I love the costumes, but there's a special place in my heart for the Nacho Libre costume. Great job.

Christina, Tyler & Logan said...

My son is the man in the yellow hat this year and I made his costume as well. Your hat turned out one million times better than mine. I was in a time crunch and it looks terrible. The rest of the costume turned out amazing though.

Janelle said...

LOVE your man in the yellow hat stuff. I've always wanted to make Chris be him, since they look similar. You can imagine how well that idea goes over with Chris :)

Kali said...

Love all of it! So cute!
My 2 year old daughter watches that episode/song as much as possible. On approaching a house while trick or treating, I hear: We're getting closer, CLoser, CLOser, CLOSer, CLOSEEEERRRRR!
It easily put a smile on my face. I knew she was having a good time!

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Susie said...

I linked to your Man in the Yellow Hat costume here:

That little tie is too cute!

Kelleigh @ Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

I LOVE your Nacho Libre costume!! What a fabulous idea to use a t-shirt for the cape!! Thanks for posting this!

Brian and Alia Cherry said...

That is really funny that janelle says she always wanted chris to be the man in the yellow hat since i am seriously considering making brian be him for camerons 2nd bday curious george party. If only I had your mad skills and could make the costume myself.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Jill! I just finished my little guy's Man In The Yellow Hat costume complete with hat, tie, satchel, and boot covers. Thanks for setting the bar so high for creativity, craftiness & awesomely adorable handmade costumes!

Pre-K teacher said...

Yes, terrific Man in the Yellow Hat costume. Any chance I could purchase a hat and tie from you? Actually two sets, one for me (I'm a teacher of Pre-K) and one for the students (age 4-5). If you're not in the business of selling these, could you refer me to patterns or instructions of the hat and tie??? Thx a million!

Elisa said...

I also would love to buy a yellow hat and tie from you- one for an adult and one for a 4 year old child. Please e-mail me ASAP at elisavhunter@gmail,com to let me know if this is possible. Thanks.