halloweened out

We may have outdid it on the Halloween front.  After 3 days straight of Halloween festivities, I am totally pooped. 

 Oscar and his BFF, Audrey, were big fans of the trick or treating.  The hand-holding kills me.

Remember those other costumes I made?  Take a look at them in action:

   Toddlers are so dang cute.

I'm ready to move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas!  I have a Thanksgiving Dinner event coming up quickly for the ladies at my church, and I'm starting my first Christmas craft this week.  Prepare yourself for some hand-stitched felt goodness.

In the meantime, make sure you head over to Crafting with the Stars to vote on Round 2!  This time you can vote for your 3 favorite projectsMelanie is rocking this competition - I love what she made.  Can you guess her project?


ProudArmyWife21 said...

This is a awesome blog, thanks a ton for sharing. The pics are soo cute :)

Stephanie Sabbe said...

the second one is hilarious. Great job as usual!

alexandra said...

oh my, LOVE those costumes!

The Cahoons! said...

I can't wait for your felt goodness. Me and my friend are in charge of a felt Christmas ornament for our Super Saturday coming up, I've never done hand-stitched ornaments so any tips or ideas would be great!

Susannah said...

All good things come to an end... but it looks like you had a fun Halloween!

Simple. Inspired. Homemade said...

Jill, seriously so cute and you are so talented! I finished my third xmas project this weekend (I don't have an infant like you)Its such a great feeling. I simply can not wait for the "Hand stitched Felt goodness"!!! Oh and I LOVED your car mat, I stated one for my son and then saw how long it took you...mild depression but then you gave me the best idea..pained roads! yea for saving time!
Thanks Jill...always an inspiration.

Purple Quilter Queen said...

OMG Jill! That Nacho Libra costume is so dang cute!!! Yellow hat man and Oscar look awesome too!

Hi, I'm Harmony said...

Your kids are just too darn cute! Love the costumes. So cool - I want one! ;)

~The Horrible Housewife


The Bonjour Four said...

Hi! i absolutely love the man in the yellow hat costume you made! I wanted to do that for my son this year... did you ever post a tutorial how you made everything? I would so love to know how! If not, where did you get everything.. like his pants and shirt and stuff. thanks so much!