crafting with the stars - vote for round 3 projects!

The fabulous Round 3 projects are awaiting your vote on Crafting with the Stars.  You can vote for your three favorite projects, so with only six contestants left, this is going to be a very close round.  Every vote counts!

My partner, Melanie, did an excellent job (as always).  I marvel at her ability to turn things out so quickly.  The contestants don't find out what the weekly theme is until it is announced to the public, so they are conceptualizing, creating, and photographing these projects from start to finish in only five short days!  Talk about pressure.  I'm so glad it isn't me.  :)

Go vote!


Chris said...

Voted! I had no idea that had such a short time frame. I'm even more impressed.

Ashleigh said...

Yep, this was the toughest one (for me) to do in 5 days! Surprisingly, I don't have sewing burn-out, I just want to do it more!!! I keep coming to your site for more tips and inspiration! Love it all!