giveaway week winners and reader discounts

Thanks for a great giveaway week!  I hope you enjoyed it as well.  A big congratulations to all the winners, who are listed below.  Enjoy your prizes!  For everyone else, check out the awesome online discounts listed from the giveaway vendors.

Congratulations, Lexi!  I hope you're able to change the world with your new Silhouette SD.  :)

If you are bummed that you didn't win, you can always take advantage of the amazing Cyber Monday deal that Silhouette has going on today using the discount code: Jill.

The Cyber Monday deal is only valid today, Monday, November 29, 2010, starting at 4 am and ending at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

Here's the deal ...the Silhouette will be sold for $199 (originally $299). Silhouette America has NEVER sold these cutters for this cheap! This is the newest version with more capabilities and newest technology - the Silhouette is now Mac compatible.

It gets better ... the Cyber Monday deal will also include:
1 Roll of Cream vinyl ( $7.99)
1 Roll of transfer paper ( $7.99)
1 Home decor CD (Value $55)
Total ($70.98)

All for only $199 - almost $200 in savings!
The discount code is: Jill
Silhouette is also having a great black friday sale in their online store, which lasts until midnight tonight.  Everything (except for the Silhouette cutter) is 40% off using the code: FRIDAY.  Now you can really go crazy with those temporary tattoo stocking stuffers.  :)

Congratulations, Kate Flick!  Your baby girl will love her new holiday blankie.

Komfort Kids is offering 20% off your total order using the code "homemadebyjill20."   Snatch up your favorite prints before they're gone.

Congratulations Steve and Nikki and Robert and Cassie!  Enjoy your ruffle fabric and elastic.

Planning to add some Ruffle Fabric to your holiday projects?  I'll be posting a tutorial for a Candy Cane Ruffle Stocking in early December, if you'd like to sew along.

Use promo code: Jill, to receive 10% off your order through December 5th.

 Congratulations, cjameliamom!  Enjoy your cute-as-can-be Scoomer accessory!

Scoomer is offering 20% off your order through December 3rd using the code: homemade20.

Congratulations, Meghan!  Your baby girl will have the most stylish baby head wear in town.


Kelly K. said...

Thanks for sharing the great silhouette deal...I ordered mine right at 4am just in case they sold out. I can't wait to get it!!!!!

Jess said...

When I add it to my cart it doesn't say anything about the extra stuff you know anything about that?

Julie said...

I added just the machine to my cart then typed in the promo code JILL and it automatically added the free items as well as knocking $100 off my order. I also threw in a roll of white vinyl (hello snowflakes!!!). What a great deal, i'm sooooo excited to get it!! Thank you!

Robert and Cassie said...

I'm so excited that I won the ruffle fabric! It's SO cute, do i need to send you my address, or how does that work? Thank you so much! Here's my e-mail

homemade by jill said...

Jess - sorry you are having trouble. All you do is go to the website (, add a Silhouette SD to your cart, and at the bottom of the shopping cart page, there is a spot to enter promotional codes. Enter JILL, click the apply code button, and discount will be applied, including adding all the freebies.

Hope that helps!

Laree said...

Thanks for the giveaways. Maybe someday I'll win something cool. Until then, I'm super happy that my in-laws decided to pick a silhouette up today for my Christmas Present!

Jan said...

Jill, added the machine and put in your code and that seemed to work perfect but I tried to add some other things and then add in the 40% off code and it did nothing to the extras I had added. Did they mention anything to you about one code per order or something? I wanted to save on shipping...


homemade by jill said...

Sorry, Jan ... I'm pretty sure you can only use one code per order.

Cassie and Mitch said...

ya sad day. I hope to win someday on a blog contest too. :(

Jonette said...

I ordered a Silhouette today with the awesome deal. I want to take advantage of the 40% off also. How long does the blade last? Should I get one now since it's on sale, or will it last a long time? Anything else you would recommend getting? Thanks

homemade by jill said...


I've been using the same blade for several months on a very frequent basis, and it still is quite sharp. I'm still on my first blade, so I'm not quite sure how long they last.

I just stocked up on a little bit of everything, but I would say if you have interest in glass etching, now would be the time to buy the supplies. I think it is the most expensive material, so the 40% gets you a pretty good deal.

Kerandy said...

Thanks so much for the great info on the Silhouette I just ordered mine and can't wait for it to arrive. I love your blog as well it has the cutest projects and ideas!!

Lexi said...

My girlfriends and sisters hate me now. Totally worth it. I freaking won a silhouette!

Thank you!