no-mess glittered ornaments

One of my personal Christmas traditions is that I like to make a few new ornaments for my tree each year.   They almost always involve glitter.  I was talking to my sister earlier today and she remarked that if she could find a way to work extra glitter into every season, it would make her life a little happier.  I agree completely - glitter makes me happy.

This year I still got the glitter I love without the accompanying mess.  These kid-friendly (i.e. non-breakable) ornaments are made with wood discs and glittered cardstock.  They are totally low-fuss, low-mess, high-sparkle.  You should be able to find all of the supplies at your basic craft store.

First I used a small amount of hot glue to adhere a ribbon loop to each wooden disc.  Then I glued my cut paper to on each side of the disc using Mod Podge.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the glittered circles and little shapes, but you could just as easily use a paper punch, or even cut them out by hand.

It wasn't long before I had a large set of glittery, festive new ornaments.

They really shine against the lights of the tree.

I also made a set of ornaments with my family's initials.  They found a home on our newly decorated mantel (which also features glittered trees, a holiday book wreath, and felt candy cane garland from crafts of Christmas past).

I hope you have had a very merry December so far!  We've been battling sickness at my house.  A week after Cora was born, my husband came down with shingles and then Oscar and Ruby both caught chicken pox (and yes, they were both vaccinated).  Talk about the worst transition period, ever.  I wouldn't have gotten through it without my mom being here, continually saving the day!   It looks like things are on the upswing now, though.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that this little sweetie remains chicken pox-free, would you?


Nichol said...

Love them. I need to get a move on our yearly homemade decorations! The baby is too cute.

Kristen @ My Covered Bridge said...

Those ornaments are beautiful! And all four of my children were vaccinated for chicken pox - but my daughter had them anyway! I hope your baby stays healthy!

Jenna said...

Love them, so pretty! Sorry you guys haven't been feeling well. That's no fun.

Sandy said...

Love it! Back to the craft store for me.
Cora is beautiful!

Kiasa said...

Oh Jill! What a crazy-hard transition!!! I am so sorry. I am amazed you still did a little craft in the midst of all that.

~april said...

ahh! a great idea! i'm scared of glitter even though it like it. having a 3 year old has made me fear it though!

Rae said...

Oh NO! We had a BIL with shingles on our Florida trip a few weeks ago and were all crossing our fingers that the babies didn't get it (we had 4 month old and 8 month old cousins along). So sorry to hear about the craziness! Can't believe you can still find time to make such amazing crafts still! Love these! :)

Lauren vdH said...
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Atiya's space said...

Waoh thats soo neat n nice n glittery loved ur creation!!
thanx for the inspiration on the quiet book i'm on my final stage to complete it do have a look,

Lauren vdH said...

Wow! I am so sorry about the chicken pox/ shingles in your family! My daughter (3) recently got it, and fortunately my 6 month old didn't get it! I took comfort that I had chicken pox and I was exposed to the virus again, which brought back the antibodies for me and is what hopefully helped shield my baby (through nursing). My daughter wore footed pajamas all day, so she wouldn't scratch it. If the wounds are not covered by clothes you can cover them with bandaids (and oitment if they itch) to help prevent scratching- which helps it heal faster. My daughter had it for 8 days (and she was vaccinated too)! Good luck! Your in my prayers!

teresa said...

sorry to hear about your husband having shingles and 2 of your children the chicken pox. praying that their recoveries go well and that your baby does not come down with it.

thankful you've had some awesome help thru this time.

Rachael said...

I love the initial ornaments, I may have to steal this next year, and make one for each of us with the year on it, and make them different so we have a bunch of letters on the tree! =)

Look at all that hair! She is a sweetie! My 5 month-old doesn't even have HALF that head of hair! So precious!

Merry Christmas!

Sending you sunshine,

Rachael @ You, Me and Natalie

Sweat Style said...

Very cute ornaments and even better that they are mess free. Sorry to hear about the sick house. Hope everyone stays healthy for Christmas and into the New Year!

Your little Cora is too cute and I love that name!

Маргарита said...

Очень красиво!!!

Catherine Denton said...

What sparkling goodness! I featured one of your other crafts on My Blog today. You're a wealth of ideas!

Laurra said...

You and your new baby girl stay healthy!

Jessie said...

Pretty ornaments, and I love the glitter paper idea.

I totally feel for you on the shingles/chicken pox stuff. Last year my 5 month old picked up chicken pox somewhere (so sad to see it on such a little girl), gave it to my (vaccinated!) then 2-year-old, who then got shingles a couple months ago, at 3 years old. So not fair for such little people, especially when you actually try to prevent them from getting it. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. :) And that the baby avoids it all together.

tinajo said...

These are really pretty! :-)

b.ellen said...

Adorable!! Oh & I hope she doesn't get them also for your sake but here could be a little comfort for you.. when my son was 5 weeks old he got the chicken pox ..I frantically called the Dr. and He acted like it was no big deal and to just treat like a toddler.

Enjoy that sweet girl..
We are loving on ours. 8 weeks old now!! It flies by as I'm sure you know

M-J said...

Wow, I love these! Will definitely be giving them a go, if I get time with all the other Christmas crafting I have planned! Your daughter is beautiful x

Kathleen said...

You daughter is beautiful! I love her hair. Thanks for the ornament idea. I don't have a silhouette but I have a cricut and maybe I can pull them off. I think initial ones would be cute to tie onto a Christmas gift!

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

oh man, chicken pox is no fun. I had them for Christmas when I was in kindergarten. My little sister was 8 months old and got it too, along with my brother who brought it home from preschool. I hope your family is feeling better in time for Christmas, and I hope your cute teeny one doesn't get it! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, how horrible to have your family have chicken pox on top of a new baby! Glad things are getting better and I hope your baby doesn't get it!

Jenny said...

I'm sorry about the transition; I can't even imagine everybody sick AND trying to recuperate from a birth! Bless your heart.

On a side note, is your garland eyelash yarn? We used to string popcorn but last year the DOG ATE IT OFF THE TREE. So we're garland-less this year and my tree looks so lonely without it.

Thanks for blogging! You're one of the first ones I read every time!

dana said...

her hair!! Love it!
And pretty ornaments too :)

LeAnn said...

Love that sweet baby's hair!!!

Three weeks after I had my baby (now 10 months old) my three other kids came down with fevers. My husband was deployed and I was so grateful that my parents came out for a month to help. Baby and I were literally locked in my bedroom for a few days. I got quite bored with no tv or computer but I read Mansfield Park. lol

Here's hoping that baby Cora stays healthy.

Christmas Presents said...

Wow! Ornaments are very beautiful. that's so neat,nice n glittery loved your creation!! And I must say that Cora is very cute and beautiful. Please keep sharing and in advance Marry Christmas.

KellyS said...

Beautiful ornaments! Sorry to hear about the shingles and chicken pox! I hope the baby stays healthy, she is beautiful!

Amy Anderson said...

Jill, these are so amazing! I love how simple they are - simple and awesome.

Becky said...

brilliant idea! the kid & i made glitter bats at halloween and i swore i'd never glitterize anything again. i mean, i just found more glitter behind the piano the other day! you've saved me. this is such a good idea. this is my 1st time here, but i'll def be back. visit me sometime at

silly eagle books said...

Beautiful ornaments and beautiful baby! Praying she avoids the chicken pox.

My daughter Lucia has the same baby bumper/quilt-

I love it.

Frazzled Mom of Five said...

Glittered paper? Who knew, i thought it was messy gluey glitter-everywhere type project! AWESOME, cannot wait to make some personalized ones.
My 6yr old son had the chkn pox at 6m- it was awful, but we laugh at the pictures now! Best of Luck!

Olivia Douglass said...

These are so cute- thanks for the tutorial! I'm praying that your little one doesn't get Chicken Pox- I had them bad when I was a kid, was immune but still got vaccinated but then at 21, I got shingles - they were horrible.

homemade laundry soap said...

SO pretty!! Homemade decorations are the best!

Taylor Made said...

These are so lovely...glitter paper is the way to go.
Sorry to hear you have been unwell. Have a lovely Christmas.

Megan said...

I am so sorry to hear about the chickenpox at your house. The day before my second child's one-week well-check, my first son broke his leg. Recovering from a c-section with a toddler with a broken leg - not fun!
I hope Cora survived it all!

punknscrap said...

These ornaments are fantastic. I have my fingers crossed for your gorgeous baby. My 9 week old had chicken pox at 3 weeks old and it was awful, he is still a little unsettled.

Anna said...

These are the perfect project for my granddaughter and me! Cora is absolutely beautiful; look at all that hair!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Oh Jill, you poor thing. What horrible luck. Here's hoping the new 2012 year is a much better one. That sweet little Cora is a doll! Jenn

Christa said...

Love this idea. Will have to try it for next year. I mentioned it on my blog.

Mallory said...

I love anything that puts glitter & "no mess" in the same sentence! The one thing I hate about glittery Christmas decor is not the sparkle but how the sparkle stays everywhere until next October!

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