Milk Box Advent Calendar

Silhouette has a new limited edition Advent Calendar kit that is really cute, and during the Black Friday sale, you can snag it at 40% off using the promo code, JILL.  Even if you don't have time to put it together for December 1st, you could get started a little late, or even have it on hand for next year.

The calendar kit includes the white picture frame with hanging wires and metal clips, and downloads from the online store, leaving you room to customize as you like - check out Silhouette's 2012 Advent pinterest board for inspiration.

The clips are removable and the kit comes with a lot more clips than you need for an advent, which makes it pretty versatile   The frame could be used year-round to display instagram photos, your kid's artwork, countdowns to other events, like birthdays or family trips ... pretty much anything!

Instead of using the template downloads that came with the kit, I used the small milk box template from the online store - sized down to a 1.5 inch square box, it a perfect match for those little clips.   I liked that the boxes aren't permanently sealed, and they fold flat, so they can be saved and reused next year.  (One recommendation, if you do use the milk box ... be sure to reinforce the tab tops with a bit of tape inside, so the metal clips don't cut through the perforations.)

Each box contains a chocolate truffle (I am partial to advent calendars that have room for daily treats) and simple holiday activity.  I'm actually sending this calendar off as a gift to a family member, so I tried to make each day's activity easy and free.  There are a few days that I'm sending additional treats for the kids to unwrap (microwave popcorn for Christmas movie night, a salt dough recipe for making ornaments, etc.).

Edit: I've had a few requests for my list of advent activities.  I want to keep a little surprise for my family, so if you want the list, just email me!  I'll post it here after Christmas.

The paper used was from the Jolly Jamboree cardstock pad by Recollections (at Michael's).

To my non-Silhouette using readers:  I know the past week has been a little heavy on Silhouette posts.  I promise to have projects that can be completed with your own two hands, no fancy tech required, very soon.  Thanks for your patience!

Disclosure:  Silhouette America supplied the Advent Kit for this project.


Charity said...

Cute! I love that you put a treat AND a fun activity in each box... and that you included the extras, like microwave popcorn. =)

Nancy said...

Really cute and I love the e-caroling...awesome!

Stephanie said...

I love this idea. Can you post a list of your Christmas Activities somewhere? I already have advent calendars, but the added activity would be a fun touch.

Andrea said...

I'm in love with this! So cute.

Kissy Face Designs said...

I second posting your advent activities, I am always at a loss when it comes to that stuff :)

homemade by jill said...

Email me if you want the list!

Baby Toys said...

This will be a cute Christmas gift
for kids. This will be helpful for them in remembering the dates of month and also will give fun to them.

Rebecca MacEgan said...

Its after Christmas, can you please share your advent activities with us?

susan said...

I would love to have the list of your advent ideas. My email address is

I am a new reader and am enjoying your blog a LOT. Thanks for sharing.


Beth N. said...

Can you please give a link to the milk box template in the store?

MerMer said...

hi! Could you please send me the list of activities that you did with your family?

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