parsley pants!

Yay!  It's Kid Clothes Week!  Have you caught the sewing bug?  Have you seen the new blog?

If you're new to the challenge, Kid's Clothes Week is a seasonal sewing challenge where you dedicate one hour a day to sewing for your kids.  Of course, you're not limited to an hour, but if you spend at least that much time everyday for a week, you can accomplish some great things.

I'm a big cheat and started prepping patterns, cutting fabric, and sewing clothes about two week ago.  I just couldn't wait!  First up, I made these linen Parsley Pants for Oscar.  The Parsley Pants pattern should be released any second now at Made by Rae, and I have to tell you ... it is great.  There are lots of options, the fit is nice, and the sewing is SIMPLE.  Love it.

I believe Oscar's exact review was, "Mom, can  you make me 100 pairs of these comfy pants so I don't have to wait for them in the wash?"  I'd call that a sweet success.

More to come!  I know I have been a real inconsistent blogger the past few months (more on that next week), but I hope to post every day during Kids Clothes Week.  So come back soon!


Christina said...

Fabulous, fabulous pants! And gotta love that positive review! :D

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Those are SO cute! They look so good and it's always a bonus when they are comfy AND when he loves them.


cnydalynn said...

those are so cute!

anna said...

there are so cute,
i have little boy i seen him in these pics