Genealogy Fan Charts

Hi guys - I'm back this week to finish out the year in blogging with a few last posts.  It should be a good mix of projects, products, and parties, so be sure to check back throughout the week!

First up, I wanted to feature my friend Megan's new etsy shop.  If you've been a reader for a while, you might remember Megan from my early blogging years, as we loved to make sock animals and go on ridiculous adventures around NYC.

Megan is one of my favorite people on earth, so when she and her husband, Nate, created these beautiful Genealogy Fan Charts and opened an etsy shop, I knew I had to tell you all about it!

Genealogy Fans* offers a seven-generation chart, either in digital or printed form.  The printed chart, done on Hahnemuhle German etching paper with archival ink, is an heirloom quality piece that would make a lovely holiday gift - perfect for parents, in-laws, or anyone who loves family history!  Christmas delivery is guaranteed for orders placed and genealogy info recieved by December 14th.

Entering your genealogy data is easy using their simple online form.  Genealogy Fans even offers assistance entering data and finding family members for an additional fee.

Use the promo code HOMEMADEBYJILL to get 10% off your order (expires January 1st).

 *I am not affiliated with Genealogy Fans.  Opinions expressed are purely my own.


Susan/KyliesMom said...

Those are really neat!

Lemonkowe pole said...

I have never seen it before. Such a great idea! I need to create my own.

Raj Group said...

Really nice beautiful picture

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Rokki Winchester said...

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