Prairie Rose Pattern Tour

Hello, long, lost blogging friends!  I hope some of you are still out there reading, because I've got a whole bunch of recent projects to share with you, starting with ... the Prairie Rose Set from Wee Muses.

When Annelise of Aesthetic Nest asked me to join her tour, I took one look at the Prairie Rose Set and knew Ruby would love it.  What little girl wouldn't?  It is an entire collection of clothes patterns dominated by ruffles.  :)

For Cora, I sewed up the maxi skirt, but more on that in a minute.  Ruby received a modified blouse and pant.

For the blouse, I left off the ruffle and elastic casing on the sleeves.  I also made the pants sans ruffle, added a pin tuck down the front and back of each leg, and narrowed the leg quite a bit.  (photo above is the slimmer version, photo below (in boots) is the full-width leg).  Even having omitted so many ruffles, this is a very fun and feminine look.

I can't tell you how much prancing and preening went on when I pulled this outfit out.  Ruby could not stand still.

I made this floral maxi skirt for Cora (and the coral flashback skinny tee to coordinate), but she absolutely rejected it.  Two year olds are impossible.  Grrr.

I got little smiles for these photos only because she was so pleased with herself for not keeping the skirt on.
What a stink-face.

Ruby, who had been eyeing those flowers from the start, decided she could make it work, and quickly adopted the skirt.  "It's ok if its not so long, mama."

Twirling promptly commenced.

So I guess that makes Ruby the big winner.  She always gets ALL the clothes.  (But I sure hope Cora softens her heart about that skirt, because ... SWOON!)

The Prairie Rose set is a fully collection that includes a blouse, dress, skirt, and pants for sizes 18 months - 8 years.   If your little girl loves ruffles, this one is a crowd-pleaser (unless she is two, and then I make no promises).

Thanks, Annelise, for letting me participate in your pattern tour!


eye_on_sparrow said...

Those clothes are adorable as well as those cute little girls. It's amazing how such a small child can be so opinionated about their clothes. I have one like that too.

Shantel Jones said...

So cute! I love them all!

Emily said...

Glad to see you blogging! It had beem a while!These clothes are adorable!!

Anneliese said...

Thank you so much for coming back to the blog to share this. I love what you sewed! Such cute sets. Hopefully your girls (or at least one of them!) will enjoy them.

Vanessa said...

I love all of the clothes you made. The girls look great in them. Btw, it's official, your kids are the most adorable ever!!

maddmomma said...

O.K. I know I am biased because I'm your mom and think you are wonderful, and that you have the cutest kids, ever! So excited that Ruby loves her ruffles, and I think Cora will change her mind. That fabric is beautiful! Both outfits are so great! Love you!

Charity said...

Love the pictures of your adorable daughters! The outfits are sweet, and totally girly even with a few less ruffles. =) =)

kristin said...

Oh geez they're both so cute. Lovely sewing too, I think Em needs a maxi skirt now. :)

Nancy said...

Jill, you are an amazing seamstress and your daughters are adorable! Hope they know how lucky they are to have a Mom who sews such stylish clothes for them :-)

The Henrich Family said...

darling! I need to squeeze those two.

Emily Calvin said...

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WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Cute clothes.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Jes said...

Your girls are insanely cute. Going to check out the pattern now!

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Jackeline said...

Beautiful clothing! Wishing I had a little girl :)..Gorgeous model as well.

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GL Conley said...

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