Q.  What kind of sewing machine do you use?
A.  I use a very basic model Kenmore sewing machine that is no longer in production.  It has very few bells and whistles, but gets the job done and I've never had problems with it.  It was very easy to learn how to operate using the instruction manual.

I also use a Brother 1034D Serger, which I LOVE.  It was also very easy to learn how to use and is a great beginner serger.

Q.  Where do you buy your fabrics?
A.  I buy some fabric at my local fabric and craft store (Craft Essentials), but most of my purchases are made online.  My favorite place to order from is Fabric.com because they have great prices on designer fabrics, lots of sales, free shipping on orders over $35, and there is often an online coupon code to use as well (I am not affiliated with fabric.com).  When I'm feeling a little more spendy, I love Fabricworm.com.

Q.  Do you have an Etsy shop or sell products elsewhere?
A.  I do not currently have an Etsy shop and do not make custom orders to sell.  Sorry!  With three small children, there just isn't enough time.

Q.  Can I feature your project on my blog?

A.  Of course!  I love being featured and linked to on other blogs.  Please link back to my original post and do not copy my entire project into your blog post.  A photo may be used, but must be given proper credit.  Thank you!

Q.  Are you looking for Sponsors/Advertisements?
A.  I advertise through Martha's Circle Blog Network and am currently not seeking sponsors or additional advertisements.

Q.  Do you host Giveaways?

A.  I do not host frequent giveaways or contests, as I try to focus the main content of my blog on projects I have personally made.  However, I occasionally make an exception for stand-out handmade items or craft-related products.  If you have a product you think would be appropriate for my blog content, you can email me at homemadebyjill@gmail.com.