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one gigantic Fall 2013 KCW post

Hey ya'll.  I'm back again with a KCW report, and then I'll make myself scarce again for a while.

Behold, my Kids Clothes Week spoils:

If you aren't familiar with Kids Clothes Week, it is a challenge to commit to sewing for your kids for at least one hour a day for a week.  You aren't technically supposed to turn yourself into a one-woman sweatshop like I sometimes do.  I just get caught up in the sewing fever and can't help myself!  :)

Obviously, I spent a lot more than one hour a day sewing.  My house is a wreck and I think I averaged about 4 hours of sleep a night.  But my kids have some great wardrobe basics for fall and "winter" (we don't really do winter here in Santa Barbara), and hopefully they will be warm enough for our holiday travelling.

One way I was able to make so many pieces was to make multiples using the same pattern.  I especially love the Recess Raglan Tee for boys (I think Oscar has like 6 of them), but it is really cute for girls, too.  Hooray for unisex patterns!

If you follow me on instagram (homemadebyjill), you saw that I carved a fox and deer stamp to make my own printed fabric. I used animal images from the Silhouette online store, and a Speedball carving block.  I love how the fox shirt came out, and can't wait to print some deer fabric.  The shorts in the photo below were made with MADE's Kid Shorts pattern, earlier in the fall.

I have been using the Lil Leggings pattern by Lil Blue Boo for years, and I like the no-fuss knit waistband.  I usually add a bunch of length to the pattern because I like a full length legging, instead of capri.

Figgy's Banyan Tee is one of my favorite patterns for boys and girls.  The handkerchief hem is ridiculously cute on the girls pattern, and I just like the overall fit for both.  I altered the pattern a bit to make the cat sweatshirt, and used gold pleather for the details.

You couldn't read about KCW last week without hearing about the Bimaa Sweater, so here is my version of the cowl view.  Pretty sure I sewed that cowl on upside down like a moron, but it still looks cute.  Must get it right the next time (sleeping might help).

I'm kind of dying over this little jacket, The Coco Topcoat pattern from the CaliFaye Collection.  It isn't actually done ... need to finish the sleeves, topstitch, and add buttons ... but it is too cute not to share.  This is for Cora, and she looks so delicious in yellow with her blonde ringlets, I just might die when she puts it on.

Ok, the jeans.  JEANS!  Sorry, still feeling ridiculously proud of these.  I used the Skinny Jean pattern from Peekaboo Pattern Shop, and I can't say enough good things about this pattern.  I was feeling all intimidated, but it was really easy and came together looking so pro!  I like that the fit is a slim jean without being super skinny jeggings, which works really well on Ruby.  I got the stretch denim from the Michael Levine Loft in LA for like two bucks, so these jeans are a bargain, too.  This is a pattern I will be repeating (already have a pair cut for Oscar in khaki).

Made by Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee was thrown into heavy rotation.  I used it for the girl's mermaid Halloween costumes, made a three quarter sleeve top for each of the girls, and used it to draft twinners knit dresses for them as well.  Late into the week, Ruby pulled out this funky floral corduroy that she picked out at JoAnn's, so they became a pair of Parsley crazy pants.

Mermaids!  My friend Sonja and I picked up the sequin fabric on a LA garment district run early in the year and have been talking up the mermaid Halloween costume to our girls ever since.  We made two pink and two blue mermaids this week, and if I can keep it together for another two days, they will hopefully get some mermaid headpieces for the big night.  Because how cute would it be if Cora had a little octopus perched on her headband?  Really cute, I tell you.

The skirt is a really simple tube skirt with a knit waistband, knit lining, and chiffon ruffle.  Nothing fancy about the construction, but those sequins will take you a long way.

In other news, these girlies are kind of precious in twin outfits.  Hasn't happened since Easter, 2012.

Phew, still with me?  Obviously, Ruby was the big winner this week, but there was a little bit for everyone. Oscar was the recient of a lot of un-blogged back-to-school sewing in September, and Cora has more hand-me-downs than a girl could ever wear, so they are all set.

I'm really grateful for KCW because it lights a fire under my sewing machine and makes me plow through my unhealthy fabric stash a bit (which is still overflowing, despite taking a bit of a hit last week).  Fabrics for these projects came from Girl Charlee,, upcycled clothes, and random stash.

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!  xoxo

comfy dress up: Transformers Halloween Costume

Oscar loves the show, Transformers: Rescue Bots, and had his heart set on being Chase (the police car transformer) for Halloween.  It sounded like a great costume to buy, but I couldn't find this specific character anywhere (though after I bought the supplies, a friend told me she spotted one at Target).


I've seen some pretty amazing DIY Transformers costumes online ... from the incredibly detailed, to the ones that actually transform (what?!).   I just wanted it to be comfortable enough that he can use it all year for everyday dress up play.   It was a challenge to sew, but we are both really happy with it!

And while I spent way too much time making this costume, I know Oscar loves it.  Which is totally the point.

Patterns used:
Top - started with Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee and built from there.  It is cut up the back and has a velcro flap to close, which makes it really easy to get on and off.

Leggings: Lil Leggings pattern by Lil Blue Boo, lengthened and knee pads added (one, very crooked. oh, well).  Oscar loves these and wants to wear them all the time.

Hat:  Based off of Leila & Ben's Little Cap pattern, with some additions.

Boots: drafted by me! I was so glad these turned out.  They are actually shoe covers, so the velcro closed in the back and have a wide strip of elastic on the bottom to keep them in place on his sneakers.

The whole costume is made of jersey knit, using 1" and 2" foam for the structure.  I used Silhouette Flocked Heat Transfer material for the Transformers logo and the grills on the boots.

I sure love Halloween.  Hope your kids have a safe and happy one!

Missed the other costumes for this year?

comfy dress up: yoda costume

Another item off my kcwc to-do list - I finished Ruby's Halloween costume last night (huzzah!).

My kids started their Star Wars obsession at a young age.  One of Ruby's very favorite books to read at bedtime is "Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy."   For the last several months, Ruby has been telling anyone who will listen that she is going to be Yoda for trick or treat.

Between her perfect little size and funny little voice, she is going to make a practically perfect Yoda.

The costume consists of four easy to wear pieces: a knit shirt and pant, cozy robe, and a yoda hat.

Robe: Go To Pattern's Signature Dress pattern, with hood and maxi length options.  I belled out the sleeves to get a looser cut, and cut the front robe pieces, cut the two front pattern pieces separately (not on the fold), adding about an inch and a half to the edge for hemming and a looser fit.  For the fabric, I bought a cheap minky throw blanket from Ross ($6.99) and used the hemmed edges whenever possible.

Top:  Oliver + S Hopscotch top (I think this pattern is now out of print) in a brown jersey knit.  I used fold-over-elastic to bind the neck and sleeves, and added a little cuff to the sleeves.

Pants: Big Butt Baby Pants in the same brown jersey knit, purchased at  I really like the Laguna Stretch Cotton Jersey.  It is a cotton/lycra blend with a nice weight, lots of stretch, and comes in many colors.  It was nice to work with).

Yoda Hat: Cozy Winter Hood pattern from the book, Oliver + S, Little Things to Sew.  I drafted my own ear and had to hand stitch them on since they are off to the side of the head instead of in the top seams.  I wish I had folded the tops of the ears over a little to make them more Yoda-like, but I think the idea gets across. The outside is a minky fleece and I used a satin stitch to make yoda's head wrinkles.

The force is strong with this one.

comfy dress up: baby sunflower costume

Now that I have a few homemade Halloween costumes under my belt, I can tell you comfort is key when making a baby's costume.  Especially for kids like mine, who don't tolerate a lot of accessorizing, it helps when their "costume" doesn't differ much from their normal clothes.

Cora's top is a Flashback Skinny Tee (pattern by Made By Rae, made with the puff sleeve tutorial she recently posted).  I thought the loose sleeves could be the leaves without looking too literal.  The leggings (pattern by Lil Blue Boo), were lengthened and I added ruching to the bottom of the legs.

I made the flower "necklace" using a template from Martha Stewart.  The pet sized flower pattern is a great size for babies.  I didn't have enough yellow felt on hand, so I used yellow jersey from my fabric stashed fused with a craft weight interfacing.  To make sure it held up to some abuse, I zig zag stitched around the edges of each flower petal.  I actually like the look of it much better than felt.

Cora wore her costume yesterday without complaint (sitting still for photos is another story).  Comfortable costumes make a happy baby!  And I'm happy knowing she can wear the shirt and leggings as separates after Halloween.

Want to hear something great?  The polka dot knit came from a 99 cent/yard fabric store (I've posted it before here), and the yellow jersey came from a t-shirt I bought on clearance from Old Navy for 49 cents.  So all together, this costume cost under $2.00 to make.  Booyah.

One down, two costumes to go!

Here's what I've made in past years:

Halloween 2011:  Pumpkin and Wonder Woman
Halloween 2010:  Skeleton and Aerobics Instructor
Halloween 2009:  Bluebird

p.s. I don't always follow my own advice.  My original plan for Cora's costume was a Cabbage Patch Kid.  She wouldn't even need special clothes ... just a wig!  So I crocheted her a simple beanie with yarn looped in for bangs and pig tails.  Yeah - it lasted about one second on her head before she'd whip it off.  Don't be fooled by this picture (her arms are pinned down).  I came across the "hat hair" idea while browsing Pinterest, and you can buy similar hats from this Etsy shop.

Tricks 'N Treats with Lifestyle Crafts

September is winding down, which means Halloween will soon be in the air.  Have you started your Halloween crafting yet?  I have a few costumes in the cue, and have also been making a few goodies with the new Tricks 'N Treats die cut collection by Lifestyle Crafts.  (Not familiar with cutting dies?  They are small metal templates that cut paper when used with a die cut machine, such as the Epic 6).  I was particularly drawn to the spider die - is it just me, or does the combination of spiders and polka dots suddenly make Halloween look a little classy?

We associate with a pretty young group of kids, so I'm always looking for alternatives to candy to hand out to friends.  How about Halloween bookmarks for the little readers?  I glued the spiders to colored cardstock (and some polka dot letter-pressed paper), then laminated the bookmarks for durability.

Sometimes you just can't fight the sweets.   The spiders instantly spook-ify these mini cupcakes.

Spiders don't have to be strictly for Halloween ... with the right color combo, you can create easy Spiderman party decorations and cupcake toppers.  In more natural colors, it would even be a good die to use for a nature-themed party.

As always, use the code HOMEMADE to receive 20% off your Lifestyle Crafts order at checkout.

a very halloween birthday

I'm sure by now you are all sick of hearing about Halloween, but I had to share a few more photos of Oscar & Audrey's double birthday party.  My friend, Sonja, and I put so much work into it, but it was such a great time!  Both of the birthday kids were in Halloween heaven.

I wish I had taken more photos of the decorations!  Sonja's house looked awesome - she made several cute felt buntings, including the bats pictured above.  There were also decorated lanterns, lots of bat silhouettes, and a gigantic yarn spiderweb that covered an entire wall in her hallway.

I made a simple cake (vanilla with blackberry filling and chocolate frosting), and decorated the top with cardstock cutouts (made with my Silhouette) to look like a haunted house, or "house of spooks" as Oscar called it.  Sonja made yummy nutella mini cupcakes, decorated with the cupcake toppers.  Sonja's husband, Jake, cooked up a delicious dinner of pulled pork burritos with all the fixings, and we also had clementines dressed up as jack-o-lanterns, spooky mummy sugar cookies on a stick, cookie bones, and brownies with cute jack-o-lantern wrappers (there was no shortage of treats).

Since the kids were mostly 3-years an under, we kept the activities simple.  After handing out the treat bags Sonja and I made, we sent them on a mini trick-or-treat to the doors inside her house.  The kids received stickers, spider rings, a piece of candy, and a pumpkin-wrapped brownie.  Afterward, we sent them outside to break open a pinata to fill their bags with a few more treats.

We ended the evening with cake, of course.  After Audrey beat Oscar to the punch of blowing out the candles, we re-lit them at least five more times.  I hope they got all their wishes in.

You can find many of the ideas and tutorials from projects mentioned above linked on my Halloween Party Pinterest Board.

ruby's wonder woman costume

Hello! You'll find me over at Lil Blue Boo today, sharing a bit more about Ruby's Halloween costume.

If you aren't already keeping up on Ashley's story, you'll want to check out her posts on her recent battle with cancer.  I've always admired Ashley's work, but even more I admire her positive attitude and tenacity.  She is truly an inspiration, and it sounds like things are finally turning around for the better.  Hurray! 

Keep fighting, Ashley!  We love you.

halloween costume parade

Happy Halloween!

We had such a fun time at Oscar's birthday party this weekend - I have tons of photos, but I still need to go through them, so I'll share party details later this week.

Meanwhile, want to see all of our costumes? 

I made Jared a quick and easy robot costume by covering a large cardboard box in silver duct tape and cutting a bunch of vinyl decals with my Silhouette machine.  He really hates dressing up for Halloween, but he was sweet to humor Oscar (and me) for the party.

You've already seen Oscar's pumpkin costume.  It was too hot on Saturday to stuff him full, but we might try that for trick or treating tonight.  He was such a happy birthday boy.  The ear-to-ear smiles he wore all night made all the party prep worth it.

I made a pregnant pumpkin shirt with a simple freezer paper stencil and the new Martha Stewart Glitter Paint.   Not an elaborate costume, I know, but it was about all I could muster and it made Oscar happy.  We felt like a pretty cute pair of pumpkins. 
Here's our happy gang all together.  Ruby was Wonder Woman, and I am thrilled with how her dress came out.   She even wore the accessories happily, which was a miracle.   I'll post more on her outfit later.

I also made the costume for our friend Audrey (Oscar's party companion), as her birthday present.  She loves Beauty and the Beast, so I made her a Belle dress using the Crafterhours tutorial again.  Her baby sister wore Ruby's old Belle dress, so we had two little princesses running/crawling around the party.

I hope you have a very happy and safe Halloween!  Don't make yourself sick with candy.  :)

Here are the kids' costumes from previous years:

2010:  Skeleton and Baby Aerobics Instructor
2009:  Bluebird

rollie-pollie pumpkin

Oscar is a Halloween kid through and through.  He waffled on his costume selection at first (bat, pirate, star wars guy), but eventually he had only one request: a pumpkin! 

When I asked him to try on his costume for a photo, he said, "wait! I need a pumpkin.  It looks just like me."  So cute.

The hat was made using Delia Create's hat-ette tutorial.  It was so fast and easy to put together (literally less than a half hour!) and totally completes the look.  I used elastic instead of a ribbon tie, because I wanted it to be quick to put on and take off.

For the felt pumpkin suit, I used the Rollie Pollie bean bag pattern from MADE, with the small bag pattern pieces scaled down slightly.  The zipper in the pattern makes the costume really easy to get in and out of.  Instead of adding the top and bottom pieces, I made an elastic casing.   I cut arm holes in the side, and edged them with "bias" tape made from felt.   The arm holes are cut a little too large, but you can't win them all.

Or maybe you can?

For the actual costume day, he's going to wear and orange t-shirt and his green legging pj pants underneath, and we are going to stuff the pumpkin to fill it out a bit.

I am also going to be a pumpkin, but don't require any stuffing in my costume.  Only 3 weeks to go before baby girl #2 arrives.  :)