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homemade holidays: gifts of 2012

After counting them all up, I figured I made over 50 handmade gifts for Christmas this year.  Most of those gifts were small scale, but that added up to a lot of crafting hours, and not many sleeping hours in December.  :)  I promised my husband not to make anything for two weeks after Christmas, but luckily I have plenty of things to show you during my hiatus.

All of the projects in this post are lumped together because I only have fuzzy phone photos of them - sorry about that.  Guess that's what happens when you craft late at night and wrap/ship first thing the next morning!

I took advantage of the free house box printable by Polka Dot Prints for Design Mom and made a gazillion little treat boxes for friends, playgroup mommies, helpful ladies at church.  I paired as many as I could with an extra little gift, like a sparkly bird ornament or small pack of letterpress cards.

These houses were obviously designed for Christmas, but swap out that wreath, and you could definitely use it all year round.  A heart for Valentines?  Bunny for Easter?  I think I'll get a lot of use from that printable.

My L-Letterpress was working double-time, and I gave out a lot of notecard sets.   These were printed with the Ruffles Printing Plate, which I think is quite pretty.

FYI ... Lifestyle Crafts currently has all their letterpress stuff on sale for 50% off.   You can add my promo code, HOMEMADE, for an extra 20% off your order.  For example, the Epic Combo Kit, which includes the Epic 6 die-cutter and L-Letterpress System, is on sale for $85.  Add my promo code, HOMEMADE,  and it is only $68!  That is a killer deal, because regular price it is $169.99.   This sale ends December 31!

For Oscar's preschool teachers, I made patchwork lanyards using the tutorial from the blog, Simply Cotton.   These are super easy to make, and only take 8 charm squares (5x5" cuts of fabric).  Just a note, if you are sewing them in bulk:  sew all 8 charm squares together first, then cut the long strip in half, essentially making two lanyards at once.  It speeds things up a bit.

Also speeding things up, use one kind of fabric and skip the patchwork.  I made a more neutral (wardrobe friendly?) lace print lanyard for my sister-in-law, BYU-Idaho's newest librarian.   Love you, Holly.  :)

I think these lanyards make a great, useful gift for anyone required to wear a name tag to work.  If I were having any more babies, I would make some for the wonderful nurses in the maternity ward.  I bought the lobster clasps from an etsy shop, twpmango (also got some cufflink backs ... but I'll show you those later).

Ok, last up in the terrible lineup of photos, I made three colorful clutches using Elm Street Life's Bow Clutch tutorial.  I love this little bag - it is the perfect size for the little necessities ... wallet, phone, chapstick, etc.  Anytime I don't want to haul my diaper bag, I grab my little clutch like this.  Admittedly, the pink one turned out a little wild (sorry, Megan!), and the polka dot clutch was somehow sewn backwards, but are still cute for a pencil case, make up bag, travel pouch ... 

Phew ... sorry again about those fuzzy photos.  I'll take better photos of the things I made for my kids.  :)

Homemade Ice Cream Pint Label

One more free printable for you today.  Last year I made a Homemade Ice Cream Kit gift for my sister-in-law's birthday.  Download the label below to decorate your own homemade pints.


Rainbow Party Printable

After a few recent requests for printables, I've made some pdfs to share with everyone.   At Ruby's Rainbow Party, we handed out bags of chocolate gold coins to our guests. Click on the image below to download the favor bag tags.



homemade ice cream kit

Hey, I'm back!  Miss me?  :)

My sister-in-law got a rockin' ice cream maker for Christmas.  So when her birthday rolled around last week, I knew just what to make for her:  a homemade ice cream kit!

First I designed some super cute labels with my Silhouette machine (seriously, one of my favorite things ever).  The labels are printed on full-page office labels.  Of course, you don't need a fancy machine to cut them out, but now that I don't have to do it by hand I can add fun details like a scalloped edge with no extra work.  Love that. 

The white, pint-sized ice cream cartons are found at Smart & Final.  The cartons and lids each come in sleeves of 25.

Then I added some delicious mix-ins from Trader Joe's.  You already know about my addiction to the mini peanut butter cups, but now the Dark Chocolate Tahitian Vanilla Caramels are climbing the list.  Is that not the most scrumptious sounding treat you've ever heard of?  Hoo, boy.

Here is a printable label if you'd like to join the ice-cream party.  Save the image and drop it into a word document to re-size and print as many times as you'd like.  Personal use only, please!  Email me if you want a copy of the file to print and cut from your Silhouette:

If you are looking for pint-sized ice cream containers online, check out Sweet Bliss Containers (disposable), or Zak Designs Ice Cream Tubs (reusable).

birthday shirt, a new template, and updates

Last night I played, "how complicated can I make a simple project?"  Using Dana's 90-minute shirt tutorial, I sewed a birthday shirt for Oscar's friend (happy birthday, Audrey!).  Then I appliqued the cupcake, hand-sewed the crocheted lace trim, and used my Silhouette cutter to add the text.  Yowza.  I think it's cute.

Here's a copy of the cupcake template I sketched out (right click to save the image to your computer.  re-size and print as needed):

Advent Sew-Along
I'm so excited that many of you want to join me for this project!  Here are the frequently asked questions so far:
1)  What kind of felt am I using?  I love Rainbow Classic felt, which is made of 100% eco-fi (polyester made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles).  It is a good thickness, comes in gorgeous colors, and very economical - hence, my favorite non-wool felt. You can buy it in yardage at, among other places.

I wish I had a big enough craft budget to use wool felt, but that is not reality for me.  If you are willing to spend some extra money and truly make an heirloom piece, I would definitely recommend using wool or wool-blend felt.

2)  When will I be posting about the advent calendar?  Look for updates and assignments every Wednesday!

Ruby Blessing Dress
My apologies for the wait on the Ruby Blessing Dress pattern and tutorial.  Tutorials take a long time to put together, and unfortunately birthdays, holidays, and real life just keep getting in the way.  It will be posted as soon as possible!

Have a lovely weekend!

Oscar's car party

Top:  1.  race car coloring track  2. decorated styrofoam cooler  3. paper pennant bunting
Bottom:  7.  race car water bottle labels  8.  race car crayons  9. cupcake toppers

Oscar's birthday party was supposed to be at the park, but the weather was uncooperative.  :(  We moved the party inside to our apartment to avoid the rain, and although it was close quarters, we all had a great time.


I used to send out invitations.  Normally I am not a e-vite sort of girl, but it really kept things simple and it was nice to have the rsvp's tracked automatically.   Did you know you can use your own image to create your invitations?  I designed the little red race car using a combo of MS Paint and and then used it in the invitations and party decor.

All of the little guests were 2 years old, so we avoided organized games and activities.  Instead, we set out a large piece of craft paper with a painted road to color with race car crayons and Oscar's new car playmat with a big bucket of matchbox cars to zoom around.

My Silhouette craft cutter saved a lot of time with the party decorations.  I used it to cut the pennants for the bunting, the backing for the watch-me-grow birthday banner, and the little cars that decorated the styrofoam ice cream cooler.

I ordered a giant red balloon in hopes of extra cute birthday photos.  In my mind I pictured a bright sunny day at the park, little boy, big balloon.  Instead, it has rained for the last 4 days straight and I don't have a good photo of Oscar with his balloon, which is now sagging.  :(  Oh well, you can't win them all.  You can find big round balloons HERE at Darlybird.

Oscar's birthday shirt was a 90-minute shirt with a big number 2 appliqued on the front.  It matched his car playmat because yes, I am that crazy.

Here are some images I created for Oscar's car party, which you are welcome to save for personal use.  Upload them to a photo editor (I use Picnik) and they are easily customizable to any age party.


alphabet flashcards

Oscar is starting to learn his letters ... only I can't take credit for it, because he is learning them from a program called Super Why! on PBS.  In the spirit of back-to-school, and because I'd rather be teaching him the alphabet myself, I made some alphabet flashcards.

I made the cards in Powerpoint using the cutest clip art I could find, and a few simple images I made myself (like the balloon and  kite).
UPDATE:  I don't have a secret source for the clip art - it was all from the basic library that comes with Microsoft Office.  You can also download their clip art for free online.

There are two cards for each letter (I wanted to capture all the long/short, hard/soft letter sounds), so I plan to put the matching letter cards back to back, have them laminated, and loop them on a metal ring.  I think I'll make flashcards for colors and numbers as well.

Get your own free copy HERE.  Enjoy!

how to make printables on picnik

UPDATE: is now closed!  :(  I now recommend - most of the features are similar and it is even more user-friendly!

Several people asked how I used to make the recipe card in my last post, and since I haven't made much else this week, I thought I'd share.  You see, I use picnik for much more than editing photos.  It is where I make my blog banner and buttons, party invites, gift tags, cupcake toppers, you name it.  It is kind of fabulous.

Start with a blank .jpg image.  An easy way to do that is to just open Microsoft Paint and save the file without doing anything to it.  Upload your blank picture to, and it will look like this:

A blank canvas, ready to turn into whatever you wish!

Starting under the Edit tab, you can crop your image to whatever size you wish.  I cropped mine square.

I go to the Create tab next, and usually the first thing I do is add a background color.   In the Effects section, scroll down to the Duo-Tone effect.  Since you are working with a blank image, it will fill in a solid color of your choice.

I'm going to turn this image into a round cupcake topper, so the next place I go is the Frames section.

Select Rounded Edges and turn that Corner Radius to the maximum setting for a perfect circle (if your starting image is a square).  You can also round the edges just a bit, add a square frame ... just play around to find what you want!

Next, I go to Stickers if I want to add an image.  I'll be honest ... the stickers aren't mind-blowing.  And there are some better options when you purchase the premium membership.  But, there are some good free images in there if you look around.  I'll create a cupcake topper using only free picnik features.

You can turn your background color into a border by adding a geometric shape.   You'll be eye-balling the centering, but it isn't too difficult.

Then I find a fun image to add, like this bus (sorry for the color swap - I changed my mind).  Some of my favorite free images come from the Common Symbols, Beards, Iconian Stickers, and Floralia sections.

Next, add text.  Here I used my favorite font, GeosansLight.

If you right click on an image or text, you get a few helpful options.  For example, if you want to change the order of your layers, you can select an image or text, right click, and Send to Back.  Or, if you want two of the exact same images, select the image, right click, and Duplicate Shape.

This comes in especially useful for when you add multiple text boxes, and you want them to all be a consistent text color.  Select the original text, right click on it, and Duplicate Text.  You can edit the duplicated text to say something new, but it will be in the same color as the original.

When you are happy with your image, go to the Save & Share tab and save to your computer.  You now have an image you can use for just about anything!  For cupcake toppers like the example above, I import the image into a Word Document or Powerpoint, re-size as needed, and duplicate it to make a whole page to print.

If you like my bus topper, here is the image.  Right click to save the image to your own computer, and feel free to use it for cupcakes, stickers, or whatever you'd like (for personal use only).  I can see this as part of a really cute Transportation-themed child's birthday party.

I hope that helps!  I really only touched the bare-bones of what this site can do when creating an image from scratch, so play around with it.  And if you use this program and have tips to share, please leave a comment!

bridal shower gift

What's this, you say?  Something not baby-related?!!!  How refreshing.

I'm going to a bridal shower this week and wanted to add something handmade to the not-so-exciting cake pan from the bride's registry.

This simple hostess apron should do the trick. The shape has kind of a retro-vibe, but the print is bright and modern.  It is similar to the hostess aprons I have made in the past, except it isn't gathered, has a rounded bottom, and there is a very long sash at the waist that wraps around the back and ties up front.  It's kind of sassy.  I just made it up as I went along yesterday afternoon, so maybe I'll post a pattern for it someday.  But not today.  :)

I'm also including the recipe for my favorite chocolate cake (my sister's recipe) that uses said cake pan, and some blank recipe cards to match. I made these using my favorite photo-editing site,

Here's the yummy cake recipe, if you're interested:

And some blank recipe cards, if you like them:
 Just right click to save the file and print as a 4x6 image.  You should be able to fit two per page.

printables II

My bookmarked printables are getting unruly again, so I thought I'd share a few with you. Here are some of my favorite free printables from around the wonderful web. Enjoy!

Perfect for Parties

Cupcake Box template by IS*LY

Elephant Baby Shower cupcake toppers, bunting and invites at Alpha+Mom

EVERYTHING in the new DIY section of Martha Stewart Weddings

Favor Boxes by Twig and Thistle (via Style Me Pretty)

Placecards by Heirloom Paperie

Fill-in-the-Blank Invitation by The Small Object

Just for Fun

Dreamy Projects to Post List by Erin Vale Design

Be Kind Banner by kind over matter

Teeny Envelope by Cottage Industrialist

I Can Do Hard Things to-do list by Heirloom Paperie

Greeting Cards

Miss You Love You card by Erin Vale Design

Penelope's Would be Party Invitation by IS*LY

Thank You card by Cottage Industrialist

Thank You card by Inspired Designs by Faith

Thank You card by Heirloom Paperie

Procrastinate Now and Panic Later card by Creature Comforts

Gift Tags

Summer Gift Tags by Erin Vale Design

Cupcake Tags by Creature Comforts

You can find my first round of favorite printables here.

And just to spice up this post, here is a healthy dose of some big blue eyes.

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Here's a list of my favorite free on-line printables. There are so many talented and generous graphic designers out there that offer fantastic downloads. Some of my favorites are Creature Comforts and A Print a Day. Take a look - you won't be disappointed!

Greeting Cards
pretty pink card and address labels from Creature Comforts
printable greeting card from Creature Comforts
customizable greeting cards and gift tags from Creature Comforts
button card by how about orange
emergency birthday card and envelope by how about orange


pretty pink card and address labels from Creature Comforts
matrioshka doll to-do lists and labels by a print a day
doily labels by a print a day

Gift Tags

customizable greeting cards and gift tags from Creature Comforts
four seasons gift tags by Fog and Thistle
baby gift tags by Fog and Thistle
vintage children book illustration gift tags by doe-c-doe
little dresses gift tags by a print a day
baked pretty gift tags by every little thing


printable stationary from Creature Comforts
library cards and envelopes by creature comforts
to-do lists from A Little Hut
matrioshka doll to-do lists and labels by a print a day


printable 2009 desk calendar by Vintage Glam
carnivorous plants calendar by a print a day


little girl bookplates by The Black Apple (via CraftSanity)
vintage bookplates by doe-c-doe
book shower bookplate by nested


printable animal stickers from Lotta Bruhn
in-a-pinch business cards by a small object

I printed out a batch of stationary, greeting cards, gift tags and labels for my sister's Christmas present, and made her personalized address labels in MS Word.

My friend, Bonnie, made a greeting card binder for her grandma. She divided it by month and included cards, envelopes with postage, and address labels for all the family birthdays and holidays. Every Christmas, she refills the binder. Great idea, right?