The last of the hats

Here are the last of my Christmas hats. If I'm smart (and a good aunt) I will start making them now for next Christmas. I have 13 nieces and nephews on the Green side. Yikes.

A puppy for Sam (I like this one a lot):

A hippo for Josh:

But the question is, does it really look like a hippo? Jared thinks it looks like a blue shrek ... or a walrus. I say, close enough.


Anonymous said...

It definitely looks like a hippo Jill! Joshua knew exactly what it was when he opened the present. :) thanks!

Mom2Gravey said...

Would you be willing to post a pattern for the hippo hat? My daughter is infatuated with hippos and this would be PERFECT for her! Thanks so much!

homemade by jill said...

Sorry, no pattern for this. I made it many years ago without a pattern, and wouldn't know where to start to recreate it these days.

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