Very kissable

Last night I made some homemade lip balm a la Martha. I am giving them away as small (very small) gifts to a few girlfriends.

The balm is surprisingly easy to make - it only took about 10 minutes. Can I just say that I love quick, cute projects? I used a lemon essential oil with a bit of honey so it smells nice, has just a touch of sweetness and it makes my lips all nice and soft. :)

My favorite part though is the packaging. I got the tins at The Container Store (love) and made little labels using part of a card-making kit my mom gave me for Christmas last year. Here is the end product:


Anonymous said...

VERY cute Jill, you'll need to email me the recipe. you are so crafty!

JMG said...

click on the word "Martha" above and you will find the recipe