my mom is cool

Reason #246 why my mom is awesome: she encourages all of my crafty endeavors. Mom recently sent me a sewing project-in-a-box. She makes many very cute and thoughtful baby shower gifts, including a baby bib and burp-cloth set. Not only did she include the pattern, instructions AND a complete set of the final product, she also cut out tons of fabric for me to start with. She's so great.

Last night I started on some burp cloths, and, being as this is my first time to sew on fabric in about two years (I've been practicing on paper towels in fear that I would ruin the cute fabric), they are turning out quite well. I can even sew in a straight line! Kind of! It's all very exciting.

Before these babies are done I have to run them through the washer a few times so they will get all frayed and cute around the edges:

a-like so:

The final product:

Cute, right? And very practical at this point in my life when ALL of my girlfriends are soon-to-be new mothers.

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Trina said...

Hi Jill, I just bought some material to make the burp cloths and would love to add the bib as well to the gift. Do you have a tutorial or can you give me more info on how you did the bib? (size, how big is the neck hole, etc.)