baby shower decorations

I think I am in love with these tissue paper pom poms. The easy-to-follow instructions can be found at Martha Stewart's website (for some reason I can't get the link to work, so just search for pom poms in the wedding section). It's a cinch to change up the dimensions to make the pom poms different sizes. I found that the paper should be at least 1/3 longer than it is wide. The longer the paper, the fuller the pom pom (although be careful not to go overboard, or there will not be room to fluff all the layers).

With the help of a tall husband, we hung our pom poms over the food table, and they really looked lovely (and more fun than boring old balloons).

You can find another stunning example of how festive these look over at Oh Happy Day.


Mrs. Limestone said...

Im finding this post very late but Im hoping you still get alerts to new comments.

How did you hang these from the ceiling? They look perfect in the photo but I can't tell how they are affixed.

Jill said...

We actually just stuck the string to the ceiling with scotch tape! It worked well, at least temporarily.

At other parties, I've hung them from light fixtures using hooks.

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