happy birthday to me

Today I turn the big 24. I think I'll celebrate by speaking in a Jack Bauer voice all day. For example, if asked to attend a church meeting tonight, I think I should respond (in a raspy voice) - "With all due respect, Mr. President, there is no time! I am setting up the perimeter for my birthday party!" or, if I ask my husband what my present is and he refuses to tell me, I can yell, "Tell me what you know!!!"

In other birthday news, I got a drop from the Dharma Initiative (a.k.a my awesome brother and sister-in-law) this week for my birthday, complete with Cocoa Flavored Wax Treat - Chocolate.

For your next Lost party, you can get your own snack food labels here.

Thanks to all my family and friends who thought of me today. It has been a great birthday!


mel said...

I'd love to hear your Jack Bauer voice Jill. You are hilarious! Glad your day was a great one. love you

BreAnna said...

Jill I am sorry I missed your birthday, I didn't even know. Happy late birthday! I love your 24 voice, we are sadly addicted to both Lost and 24, which it seems you may suffer from the same addiction! Your family is so fun, a dharma drop, how funny is that! happy late birthday!