mellow+yellow swap

Today I sent off a package full of green (my favorite color) goodies to Lacey in Utah. I'll post the contents after she receives it so it is more of a surprise. This was my first blog swap and it was so fun. I hope she likes it!


laceyJ. said...

Hi Jill!

I'm your swapping partner, and your package looks adorable! I cannot wait to get my hands on it...!

Your blog is so inspiring. I used to crochet, but not the way you crochet. (Mainly hats.) You've got such creative energy, and it's inspiring.

Thanks so much for being in this swap; otherwise, I would've never found this happy blog...

Again, looking forward to receiving your pretty, pretty package!!! Can’t wait!

JMG said...

Hi Lacey - I am looking forward to your package as well! It has been a lot of fun reading through your blog, trying to figure out what you may like. You have a real talent for photography - I especially love the photos from the balloon photo shoot. So beautiful.

You have such a cheery blog - it made it to my bloglines list quickly. :)

marta said...

oooh jill, this is really beautiful packaging. wow, i can't wait to see the photos of your greenie goodies. glad you had fun putting it together. thanks for participating.