out of the blue

I received the happiest blue package from Lacey today. It contained:

* a very pretty Parisian soap set (they smell lovely, too)
* a homemade cross-stitch full of blue flowers and a "g" initial
* Altoids (in my very favorite flavor)
* delicious smelling blue lip smacker
* cheery blue polka dot ribbon
* a fun mix CD full of "blue" titled music

Lacey - thank you, thank you. The package is beautiful and I am listening to the CD right now and am loving it. Thanks so much for being a fantastic swap partner!


laceyJ. said...

Yay! Glad you got the package, and hope you enjoy it. I also got yours today, and I love it. Thank you, thank you!

(Great minds must think alike- can't wait to listen to your mix!)

Addy&Matt said...

It must have been waiting for you when you got home from Book club! How fun.

Suzanne said...

I stumbled on your blog today (not even sure how) but you are so talented! I do a lot of baby showers for people at church and I love your cookie idea. Oh and the tissue paper flower was amazing!

Suzanne said...

Oh-and I read Tales too and live in NYC.

JMG said...

Thanks, Suzanne! Always nice to meet a fellow-Manhattanite (although "meet" is probably not the right word). Which ward are you in?

little special said...

hi jill! just found you via lacey's blog + had to pop over to say well done on the beautiful package you sent! love the cards especially, they're so pretty!