secret crafting

I haven't been posting much lately - I am in the middle of a baby blanket and have been putting together my mellow+yellow package, which is meant to be a surprise. Over the weekend I made 13 more burp cloths and 50 onesie cookies (another baby shower this week), but I think I have posted enough on both of those things.
Also over the weekend, Jared and I went on a super long walk (like 70 blocks). All the way down 6th Avenue you can find the best ribbon/trimming/button/bead stores. It's heaven. Unfortunately, we didn't go inside any of them this time because hubby tends to have a meltdown anytime we spend more than a minute in a place as awesome as this:

pictures from M& J Trimming

I'll just have to save the hours and hours of ribbon browsing for a day I have to myself.

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sb said...

Jill, I just found your blog and am making my way through the archives. My hubby and I took a trip to NYC last year and I dragged him into M&J Trimming - he was bored out of his mind and kept asking when we could leave. If only I'd found you then - I could have shopped with you and our husbands could have hung out at some place more "manly." :)