Prepare yourself - this may be the cutest thing ever

All you crafters out there should check out the blog, Wee Wonderfuls. The author, Hillary Lang, is super talented and generous - she has a few of her darling original patterns posted as free downloads. I can't wait to try the Wee Bunny. She also has these paper dolls to download and cut out. So, so cute. I printed them out on magnet paper and they are now adorning my refrigerator. Originally, I was going to sent them out to my sweet little nieces, but the magnet paper I bought is more fragile than I thought it would be - I think it would tear pretty easily in little hands. Until I can find some more heavy-duty magnet sheets, this pretty little set is all mine. I can think of a few big girls who might want one, too.

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Sheena Larkin said...

Those are sooo cute, thanks for the tip. I love coming to your blog to find cute ideas. I made the tissue pompoms for my nieces blessing lunch and they were a huge hit.