Long dog

I am loving this long-waisted dog. When my copy of Sock and Glove arrived in the mail, one of the first things I did was go out and buy a "bucket 'o buttons" (I kid you not, that is what it was called) from Lee's Art Shop. The checkerboard button I used for his nose was my very favorite in the bunch.

I shipped the pup off today to my little nephew. I hope he likes him as much as I do!


mel said...

oh...he's so cute---could this little nephew be my Sambo?! If so, he's one lucky boy. Hats off to you Jill, you are so talented.

BreAnna said...

Jill I love this, I want to try and do this for my newphew too, do you think this is easier or harder than the sock monkey? I love how crafty you are.

JMG said...

Thanks guys!

Breanna - the dog and the sock monkey were really similar (and both really easy). The instructions were almost identical.

BreAnna said...

Great, thanks for the advice because I want to make the dog. SO CUTE!

Frk.Palm said...

I really like ur loveli baby slippers, and the cute animals. True inspiration.

Casey said...

The hot dog monkey dog was cuter (IMHO), but this is pretty adorable too. It has inspired me to buy the Sock and Glove book from Amazon - so thanks!

Toffee said...

Your sock doggy rocks!

Mama Mel said...

I have this same book and I've been creating a bunch of animals too... yours are way cuter! :)

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