It really is the happiest place on earth. Jared and I just got back from our trip to California. It was so fun to have a week to relax and hang out with this family. One of the highlights was definitely going to Disneyland, especially for a first-timer like myself.

We went on a lot of exciting rides, but we decided the best shared experience was going on the Teacups with Jared and his sister Holly. Our legs were completely jammed in that tiny cup and we spun our hearts out.

I took a few photos on the ride and this one is my favorite - Jared just looks so happy and carefree. It also helps that he is not pulling one of his "photo faces" (see teacups photo above).

Another highlight was Fork Man in the parade. He was really great.

All in all, a wonderful day! We slept through the next afternoon to recover.

I made a couple of baby blankets in Santa Barbara. I'll post photos of them soon.

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mel said...

great pics Jill!