Super hero shirt with cape

I made a "Super Sam" shirt for my nephew's birthday. I appliquéd the star and S on the front (a first for me), added some ribbon trim and a cape that velcros to the shoulders.

I think he looks super cute in it. :)

I got the idea from a post over at Cool Mom Picks (which I love). In April, they posted about Little Capers, a company that makes really cool super hero t-shirts with capes. So very cute. If you aren't into sewing and your kid is over the whole bath towel-as-cape look, this is the place to go. Anyway, Sam seems to like it. Yay!

The long dog was a bigger hit. He got loaded with hugs and kisses as soon as he was pulled from the box. My sister said Sam named him "Polkadot."

So cute.
I love you Sambo!


BreAnna said...

you inspire me to be a better aunt, you much be the super favorite!!! I want to make that dog, it is so cute! Even cuter in a little guys arms

Addy&Matt said...

Jill, you are amazing. He is adorable!

Alison said...

I get some of my embroidery inspiration at There's some great patterns, info, and products there. I LOVE IT!!!

Destyny said...

wooowww thank you sooo much!!! I was about to go purchase a cape and superhero costume but this is amazing!!! and looks very inexpensive! seriously thank you!!!