Teapot Sugar Cookies

One last post about this last baby shower and then I swear I'm done. I just wanted to post a few pictures of the teapot cookies because they were so cute. It was difficult to come up with designs for these because I am not good enough with the frosting tips to make them too intricate, but I didn't want them to be boring either. I settled on these four designs:

Swirly lid teapot

Polka dot teapot (this one felt very Alice in Wonderland to me)

Flowered teapot

Argyle teapot

The polka dots and flowers were my favorites. I picked up a couple new cookie cutters while buying supplies for these as well as a giant frosting tip for cupcakes - can't wait to use them!


BreAnna said...

you are so awesome. we are going to take a zip car out to the joanns probably next month, you are more than welcome if you would like to come. I need to get some stuff for a quilt, and figure it is worth the trip.

Bryan & Mary Porter said...

Jill ... I love those designs. They are really great. And, is the frosting green and pink? By the way, do you make the dough yourself?

JMG said...

Breanna - I would love to come! Just let me know when. I am happy to chip in for the car.

Mary - I buy frozen sugar cookie dough from Fresh Direct. I have a hard time getting sugar cookies right from scratch, so it is just easier this way. I also buy a royal icing mix from New York Cake & Baking Distribution. They have tons of great cake, cookie and other baking supplies. I also by my food coloring there. These cookies have green and pink icing.

summer simmons said...

so precious. i love making cookies like this. i have a fabulous recipe that I use for the cookie and it turns out great everytime (if you bake the cookies on parchment). I even made some for my son's baptism that had edible photos on them. =) Just love your craftiness! Keep up the good work. =)

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