ornament swap: part deux

I sent off my contribution to the ornament swap on Thursday. Let's hope the ladies of Group 52 like glitter as much as I do!

In the store I thought I was purchasing red ribbon, but it turned out to be hot pink. Luckily, I think it is the perfect accent!

I made a fun blog sticker to put on the back of each package. Gotta love label paper. I'll post photos of the ornaments I recieve when they all arrive. I've received two so far, and it has been so fun. I can't wait to participate again next year!


tyrymom29 said...

Love these !!!

Nate & Meg said...

I found your blog on Chelsea's blog. I've been looking at all of your creations and I just want you know how much I love to look at all of your crafty masterpieces! They are all wonderful! Merry Christmas!

Ricky Rickay said...

*ahem* not everyone is group 52 is a lady.. me being the sole exception of course! ;op

these are so pretty! i will have to watch out my friends dont try walking out of my apartment with it lol

did you get the one i sent to you yet?

ricky brincat

Jill said...

whoops - sorry Ricky! I did get your ornament and it is gorgeous. Thank you so much! My husband loves it as well.

HereBeDragons said...

How did you make these? I want to make some!