Martha Show! part 1

So I'm here in the audience waiting for the show to start ....

This is my baby's second time in the Martha Show Audience in just a few months ... does that make him a mega-fan like his momma?

To my right are Nichelle and Rachel from They were guests on the MARTHA show back in March for Cupcake Week!

To my left is Regan from the Dinner Tonight blog. If you haven't checked it out yet, it is awesome. I have a weekly dinner with my friend Jaime, and we often check Dinner Tonight or an issue of Everyday Food for inspiration.

Also ... in line on the way in, I met Antonio and Blanca from FriendsEAT, a food community which I am excited to check out and the AMAZING Laura Normandin, who works in the Craft Department at Martha Stewart. She blogs over at Wren Handmade.


robinsonsarewaiting said...

I'm very jealous! The perks of living in NYC. Have fun!

Design Mom said...

I saw the link to this post on Nichelle's twitter feed (hello Nichelle!). So much fun to be there with all those talented bloggers! Bummer I'm on the West Coast as I type this.

Have fun!

Stacey said... fun! You are one lucky ducky :)

Dana Jones said...

I wondered if you were in the audience when I saw this show air! How fun!