letterpressed notecards

My favorite notecards are simple and sweet, pretty on the outside, blank on the inside.   They are great to have on hand for everyday use, and also make a nice gift.

I used my L Letterpress to print these cards using the Blossom and Posy printing plates and bright green and teal ink.

Lifestyle Crafts has their pretty paper packs on sale for 50% off this week.  Use the code HOMEMADE to get an extra 20% off.  I am loving the stripes and chevrons.

They also have a free shipping deal through the end of the month. Sounds like a good time to shop.  :)


tinajo said...

These are really pretty - love the colors! :-)

Amy said...

Love this!!! I need my own letterpress machine! Maybe for my birthday?


Amy P said...

If you sold those blue cards, I would buy them!

Rebekah B. said...

Brilliant! LOVE them all! I want a friend like you. Giving me a gift like that. In fact, that exact gift would be grand!

Can you tell me more about the L Letterpress... how it works, what you paid, where you bought it? I see projects done with these Letterpress things around blog land, and want one, but don't know which would be the best to get. I should start saving up now. Does it also die cut? I think there are some that die cut and emboss/paint. Ok, I really don't know what I'm talking about. Obviously.

Thanks for any help you can give. LOVE the cards!