family reunion

It was a slow weekend on the sewing front, so I hope you don't mind if I share some photos from our recent family reunion.  In July, we spent about a week in Driggs and Victor, Idaho, which is in the Teton Valley.  It was so beautiful!  The 22 hour car ride (each way) with a back seat packed tight with babies was totally worth it (I can say now that it is a month later and I am fully recovered).

Really though, as far as beautiful places to visit go, Teton Valley is pretty breathtaking.  These pictures were taken at Jared's grandpa's old farm.  Grandpa Bagley passed away this past winter, so it was sad to visit the farm without him there to tell us stories or try to teach one of the grandkids how to witch a well.  He is missed, but remembered fondly!

He lived in the very definition of a "little red farmhouse."

I don't know how my kids could stand the ice-cold water in this little creek, but they spent every minute they could wading in the water, digging through the rocks, and sending leaves floating under the bridge.

 Oscar and his cousin loved playing in the barn, throwing hay around, and "helping the farmer."

We went on an amazing trail ride with Jared's uncle and aunt.  If you ever find yourself in Victor, you should check out Teton Mountain Ranch - they do trail rides, sleigh rides, backpacking trips, and log cabin lodging. Of course, I'm a little biased because they're family, but the trail ride was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip.  I had a sweet horse named Stardust.

After the big trail ride, the little kids took a ride at the stable.  Oscar and Ruby were thrilled, and still talk about their horses, Kayla and Sunny.  Ruby was a natural!

 For a kid who is afraid of almost all animals, Oscar sure was brave on that big horse.

 We also took a spin through the elk ranch.  Those antlers were incredible.

Cora was totally enthralled by the herd.

Of course, you can't go to Driggs without stopping by the Corner Drug for a milkshake.  I wish I had gotten at least one more fresh lime freeze.

 Thanks for the good time, Idaho!  We can't wait to come back.


Emily said...

What a lovely time! Congrats on surviving a 44 hour round trip drive. :) We were in Driggs a few weeks ago and it was lovely.

channonsworld.blogspot said...

What beautiful pictures, and a lovely trip! I have never been there, but, now I want to visit.

Christina said...

What a wonderful experience for your family. We live in southwestern Montana, and Teton valley is a fairly easy day's drive away. It's SO beautiful! Your photos are great.

illini89 said...

wonderful pictures!

Cathy West said...

My son and amazing daughter on law live in Victor. Bagleys is a familiar name. Do you know malissa west who used to be a parson. Small world if you do.

Anonymous said...

I want to see a picture of that backseat of your car packed with 3 little kiddos! :)

Raspberry Creek Fabrics said...

Whoa...that is Crazy. We spent a week this July in Victor and Driggs. But, I only has to drive 4 hours to get there.
Both sides of my husbands family are from that area (they are Johnsons and Rammells). What a small world!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

How fun! It looked very refreshing, what with the cold creek and yummy drinks! :D I think your Ruby and my Charlotte would get along great! She is too cute. (Ruby that is, though of course I think Charlotte

Rachelle said...

So much fun! I grew up not far from there in Rupert. Idaho is a beautiful place! Your kids look so cute!

Andrea @ said...

Oh this looks amazing!!

Di~ said...

Great photos, I love that area. I was raised in Ashton, Idaho.

Doran & Jody said...

What an AWESOME trip!!
Did you also get a square ice cream cone?

(found you on Pinterest)