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I know it is August, but I have Spring Cleaning fever.  In the past few weeks I have done significantly less sewing and much more cleaning and organizing than normal (so unlike me!).  Maybe it is the approaching school year? We don't have any students in the house, but September has always felt like the beginning of the year to me - summer is over, and it's time to get a fresh start.

One of my all-time favorite ideas from Martha Stewart is to tidy up your linen closets by storing sets of bed linens inside their pillow cases. It completely transforms your linen closet, not only making it look better, but more functional as well.

photo credit: MSLO

After moving into a new house last year, I started storing our bed linens this way and have tried to maintain it ever since.  It is a real time-saver!  The linens seem to store smaller and stay tidier, because when you are changing out the beds, you just grab a  pillowcase packet instead of rooting around for all the pieces.

Of course, it helps to know how to fold a fitted sheet.  Luckily, Martha shows you how to do that, too (what would we do without her?).

photo credit: MSLO


Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Thanks for posting this! It motivated me to go through my bathroom cabinet and throw away all the old soap packaging etc. and get all like things together again. I also put the dangerous things up and the safe things down since I have a little one who is growing fast! I love the pillow case trick too. It makes things speedy!

Vanessa@Designs By Sessa said...

I did this, but i think I need to watch how to fold the fitted sheet, lol! My pillowcase bags are super clumpy! haha! but you are right! It does save time, if I can remember to keep putting them all back in again! haha!

Christina said...

I've been going crazy with late-summer spring cleaning too. It's SO nice to have a fresh, organized home.

Rejuvenate Vita said...

Heh I had no idea you could actually make bedsheets look tidy in the closet... I hate folding them after doing the laundry, always looks messy, but this should solve it :) Now when my mom next comes by, she won't nag me about fixing my closet haha

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Amy @ Whisk & Whimsy said...

Thank you so much for this post! It's springtime where I live (Australia) and my linen press is a nightmare of jumbled sheets and random pillow cases. I have been dreading giving it an overhaul, but think I will tackle it this weekend. I love the idea of storing each set in their cases!! So clever.