kcwc day 2: shirred pierrot tunic and failed leggings

For kcwc day two, I threw my to-do list out the window and made a pretty tunic for Ruby.  I'll get back to my boring must-makes tomorrow.  Between the hilarious sewing death match between Kristin and Rae, and the lovely washi pierrot Rae posted last week, I just couldn't resist.

Pattern:  Pierrot Tunic by Made by Rae, without the ruffle and substituting rows of shirring instead of the elastic casing.  She was throwing out sewing tips for this modification on instagram yesterday.  It is a ridiculously fast pattern to churn out, so if you are looking for a quick and easy sew, I recommend it.

Fabric: Anne-Marie Murphy for Cloud9 Organic, Maman, Les Petite Filles - this fabric feels like a dream, and is such a sweet print.  I knew Ruby would go crazy for the little girls and the baby.  Currently on sale at Fabricworm!

Ruby is not my most willing model, but she has reached that glorious stage where she is bribe-able.  While fruit snacks are not my #1 choice in photo props, they are totally worth the joy brought to this two year old.

So about the leggings ... my first kcwc fail of this session.  I know they don't look bad, but they are already in the scrap bin.  I cut them late at night with my attention divided between Gray's Anatomy and the stretch was in the wrong direction.  Wah, waaaah.  I sewed them up anyway, just to see if they would fit, and seams started popping on the first wearing.  Lesson learned!  Always pay attention to the stretch of the knit!  I'll remake them later this week.

The fruit snacks ran out, and so did Ruby's patience.  She hasn't caught the kcwc fever.  Can't you just read that look on her face?  Are you done mom?  Can I take this off now?


justmejay said...

Seriously cute top - and model
I have some of this fabric in my stash, but can't decide what to make with it....

mjb said...

Love this top:) I just purchased this pattern and anxious to start sewing!

gail said...

two year olds and photo bribes go hand in hand :) that's a great little pierrot, i love the shirring, and what sweet fabric! and the leggings really do LOOK great :)

kristin said...

haha yay, thanks for playing along! this is so cute - that ruby is a doll. and thanks for the close up of the neckline. this is on my list for tonight!!

maddmomma said...

Ruby is so beautiful....and a smart girl! She makes a good "paid" model!

Jill said...

She's adorable! So is the outfit.

Charity said...

The top came out so cute, and I love the fabric too! And Ruby is just gorgeous. =)

Rae said...

oh LOVE this!! You are too funny..."death match".. hee

I realized last night as I was working on mine that I went a size down for the washi one...I'm pretty sure the one I'm working on is going to be ginormous. OH WELL!

I hope she wears it someday! Clementine is exactly the same...doesn't want to wear anything, but incredibly bribe-able. My latest trick has been pulling out stuffed animals that had been in storage and letting her play with them as bait.


And too bad about the leggings. That totally sucks. The good news is...the other ones will go twice as fast??

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