Banyan Tees

For Kids Clothes Week day two, I present to you a few Banyan Tees.  I really love this easy t-shirt and tunic pattern by Figgy's.  It is a cinch to sew up, and the fit is cuuute.

For Ruby, I made the girl's handkerchief hem version of the tee, and used a fun sequin fabric for the pocket.  I actually made this ahead of time, and of course when she wore it over the weekend for the first time it instantly got stained the front.  Grrr.  Oxyclean to the rescue!

Oscar is sorely in need of some wardrobe basics, so I whipped up two boy's tees and he'll probably get a few more.  In the past I've stuck almost exclusively to Made by Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee pattern (which is wonderful, and I love), but it is kind of nice to switch things up a bit.  The Banyan Tee is definitely a looser fit, so the style is totally different.  Good to have options.

The grey knit was a steal at the FIDM Scholarship Store in LA for only $1 a yard - score!  It is nice and thick and so very soft.

Ok, this last one is my favorite - I copied the Banyan Tee pattern picture as best I could with the multi-directional stripes.  I bought a bunch of this knit at Michael Levine's in LA for just $3/yard and it is SO soft and comfy.  I have it in blue and green stripes, too.  It might be a little much to sew up three of the same shirt in different colors, but that's how much I like this style.

Here's where things get sad.  Within hours of giving Oscar the awesome striped shirt, he CHEWED through the pocket.  argh.  He's not typically a clothes chewer, so I was not prepared and my head nearly exploded on the spot.  Luckily the holes just went through the pocket and not the shirt front, so I'll just make a new one.  And hey, it gives me the opportunity to sew the next pocket on straight.  Don't you just love "opportunities?"


Lisa grant said...

cool you did a great job. I am going to link this post on my website its all about fashion and i love creative home sewer projects like this. !! lisa/noor

Rae said...

what what WHAT?? He CHEWED through the pocket??

Love the striped version. So much!!

I think it's great to mix it up tee-pattern-wise too. Banyan's a good one, bit more ease!


Jessica Anderson said...

Hahaha! My son gets in trouble for chewing on the neck of his shirts. Silly kids.